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What does the letter v stand for in the numbering of US Navy aircraft carriers?

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The "V" stands for "vehicular"

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What does a 1 and 0 stand for in binary numbering?

1 In binary numbering means on 0 In binary numbering means off

What does cv in us navy stand for?

CV is the hull type designation for an aircraft carrier. This is not to be confused with the aircraft carriers of today, which are CVN. The 'N' stands for nuclear powered. CVs were conventionally powered with boilers.

What did the letter p stand for in the name of World War 2 aircraft?

The letter P in the designation of aircraft during the World War II period (e.g. P-36 Hawk) represented Pursuit.

What does CVS on Navy Ships stand for?

It's a Hull Classification symbol for an antisubmarine aircraft carrier, which type has since been retired. Aircraft carriers were originally considered cruisers, hence the "C", and the "V" comes from the French verb "voler" (literally, "to fly").

What does the CV stand for in a navy ship?

U.S. Navy Aircraft Carriers carry the primary hull designator "CV", for Carrier Vessel, with "CVN", for "Carrier Vessel, Nuclear". In WWII, there was a CVE (Carrier Vessel, Escort) designator to denote resupply carriers for main CV's. It could be dependent on which navy you had in mind, but CV is used by several naval forces to denote an aircraft carrier.

What does the abbreviation AHM stand for?

Aircraft Handling Manual

What did AA stand for?

Anti Air or Anti Aircraft

What does the red and white flag OF JAPAN stand for?

It symbolizes the rising sun. During WWII, the Japanese painted the flage right in the middle of the flight deck of their aircraft carriers. It's location made the perfect target for American dive bombers.

What does ARP stand for in Galaxy names?

It means it's the numbering from the Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies, by Halton Arp.

What does aopa stand for?

AOPA - The Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association...

What is DEU Stand for in Aircraft?

It stands for Display Electronics Units -

Can a plane stand still in the air?

Helicopters and some STOL aircraft can stand still in the air. If an actual winged aircraft does this it will 'stall' because air pressure is not moving over the wings.

What does e stand for in relation to food additive 4 numbers?

The E stands for Europe as this is where this numbering system originated.

What does Boeing stand for?

Boeing is an aircraft company formed by William Boeing

What does AAA guns stand for?

AAA stands for Anti-Aircraft Artillery.

What does cva stand for behind uss forrestal?

aircraft carrier attack

Which fighter aircraft can stand still in air?

Hawker Siddeley Harrier.

What does CSAS stand for on Tornado Aircraft?

CSAS is an acronym for Command Stability Augumentation System - The "Fly by wire" system on Tornado Aircraft.

Cylinder Numbering For 2001 Ford 4.6 engine?

As you stand in front of the vehicle, hood open, facing the engine, the cylinder numbering is as follows: Back 4 - 8 3 - 7 2 - 6 1 - 5 Front

What does a letter stand for in math especially n?

A letter in math can stand for any number

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What does the letter a stand for in a tattoo?

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What does AAR in AAR Corp stand for?

AAR from AAR Corp. Stands for Allen Aircraft Radio.

How will Britain's new Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers compare to the US nimitz class?

The new British Carriers are shorter range(unless refuled at sea) as not nuclear powered, carry less aircraft so definitely second rate on those statistics. But..They are being designed to support the F35B from the start, and have a lower radar profile plus are cheaper to run. Few countries could stand up to an attack by either carrier class anyway. The USA is building a new class, the Gerald R. Ford class which although VERY costly, should be superior to both the nimitz class and the British Carriers. So in these credit crunch times which is better? the cheaper to run one or the higher capability but more expensive model?

What does the number 22 stands for in the F-22 fighter jet name?

It doesn't stand for anything, it is just the number assigned since the U.S. reset the numbering system for aircraft (which had been in use since before the Korean war) in 1962 by Defense Secretary Robert McNamara. Numbering for all military aircraft restarted at -1 after that (however the lowest number used for a fighter was the F-4, but the next bomber was the B-1). Not every aircraft assigned a number went into production and use (e,g, the prototype Airforce F-17 program was terminated when the F-16 was approved and the fighter was redesigned to make the Navy/Marines F-18). Also some numbers were skipped without ever having an airplane assigned that number (e.g. F-1, F-2, F-3, F-19) and the F-117 was inexplicably assigned an arbitrary out of sequence number that appears to be from the old numbering system.