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it look green and big

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What does the habitat of a lion look like?


What does a Asian lion habitat look like?

the Asian lions habitat looks like the grassy lands of Asia and the dark jungle, too.

What did the Iguanodon's habitat look like?

forest like ]habitat

What is the natural habitat of the lion?

In grasslands in places like Africa

What does a rinosaurases habitat look like?

A rhinos habitat looks like ...

What is the habitat like for the Golden Lion Tamarin?

Coastal lowland and rainforest

What does a tiger look like and what does a lion look like?


What dog looks like a lion?

leonberger, it was bred specifically to look like a lion.

What does a lion look like look in the past?


What did sphinxes look like?

a lion

What does a sea lions habitat look like?

A sea lion's habitat looks like the shore,but it has big rocks that look like a mounain togther.

What animals live in a terrestrial habitat?

Animals who live in land like cow dog tiger lion live in terrestrial habitat

What do lion head rabbits look like?

They look just like a normal rabbit except they have more fur near their neck so it makes them look like they have a mane like a lion.

What does a lioness look like?

it looks like a lion

What does the constellations Leo look like?

like a lion

What does zebras home habitat look like?

What does zedras house look like

What snapping turtles look like?

they look like cool kind of lion

Where is the habitat for a lion?


Habitat crocodile look like?

the habitat is wet marsh lands and rivers

What do turtles habitat look like?

it's habitat is in the ocean near a beach.

What does a mix of a tiger and lion look like?

a stripy lion. its name is a liger

Is the golden lion tamarin's habitat being destroyed?

golden lion tamrins habitat is being destroyed and there is now only 2-3% of their habitat left

What does a smilodon look like?

A Smilodon loooks like a lion nd a mountine lion put together

In which state is the natural habitat of the Indian lion located?

The natural habitat of the Indian lion is located in Gujarat (Gir forest).

What does a rats habitat look like?

its dirty

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