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Take a look at the oil level. Pull the dip stick and check where the oil level is. You may only be low in oil. Is the engine tapping? If not, take a look at the oil pressure switch. Does it have alot of oil around it? You may want to replace it. If you do have a tap in the engine, you may want to have the oil pump checked for output pressure. Hope this helps.


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What does trac off and abs light mean on a 2004 chevy impala

If the low tire pressure light come on the dashboard while all of than are the same amount of air; which mean the sensor in the tire is warning you to add some air to the tire because they all low air tire pressure.

It means that the engine computer has detected a malfunction that will affect the emissions of the vehicle.

First check your brake fluid level and if full you need to have the ABS wheel sensors checked out for a bad one.

P0403 Exhaust Gas Recirculation Circuit Malfunction

It means that you need to check the air in your tires.

The warning light can come on when it is time to change the oil. Your oil pressure and oil level can be at recommended levels when the oil needs to be changed.

PO101 Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor Circuit Low Frequency

Generally it means you have your foot on the brake pedal.

If you mean a low fuel light, then NO.

If the oil pressure warning light came on, it may mean that you have an oil leak. It can also mean that the sensor is bad.

Trouble code P0113 means:Intake air temperature circuit high input

Trouble code P0496 means: Evaporative emission system - high purge flow

what does it mean if my brake light is blinking on and off when its pushed down in my 1999 Chevy silverado

Trouble code P0496 means: Evaporative emission system - high purge flow

If the light is in the center of what looks to be a tire with tread then it is the low tire pressure warning light. If the light is in the center of a symbol that looks like this (o) then that is the brake light warning. It can mean your parking brake is on or there is a problem with the brake system. Check the level of the brake fluid in the master cylinder resivoir.

Trouble code P0105 means:Manifold absolute pressure/barometric pressure malfunction

Changing the battery should have no bearing on the SRS light, and it may just be a coincidence. Regardless, do not attempt to repair the SRS. Working on this system can cause serious injury. Take it to a professional, as something is wrong with the system.

i have a 2004 chevy monte carlo and the service engine soon light is on what does it mean?

when the water pressure is low in the shower

The oil light is an "oil pressure" indicator. it means you have lost oil pressure or the oil pressure sensor is bad

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