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that is how you come across with the whole size of the area.

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Length times width equal what?

Length times width is a mathematical formula. Length× width=area

What is length times width called?

LxW (length times width) is the Area formula for any quadrilateral. The formula: A=Lxw

What is the formula for rectangle area?

Formula = length times width

Rectangle area formula?

Length times the width

What is the formula of area?

the formula of area is l*w or length (times) or ''x'' width

Formula for width?

W=L*A width equals length times area

What is the formula for area of a solid?

Length times Width times Height

What is the formula in getting area in square feet?

Area is length times width. If the length and width are measured in feet, the area will be in square feet.

How do you calculate area of a square?

the formula for area of a square is length times width

The formula for the area of a rectangle?

A = lw Area of a rectangle = length times width

The formula to finding the area of a triangle?

length times width times height

How is the equation a is equal to l times w a formula?

It could be the area formula for a rectangle which is: area = length times width

What is the formula to the areaof a square?

Length times width. Since the length and width are the same, the area is either one of them times itself, or squared.

What is the area of the square if the side length is 36cm?

well, area is length times width. If all the side lengths are 36cm and formula is length times width. Then its 36 times 36 which equals 1296

Do you times the numbers to get the area?

Since the formula for area is A = L X W (area equals the length times the width), yes, you must multiply the length and the width to get the area (in units squared).

What is the area formula for a 20 meter rectangle?

The area of a rectangle is length times width.

Is there a formula for surface area of a shape?

Yeah length times width times 2 + length times height times 2+ width times height times 2

How do you find the length if the width and area is given?

Area = (length) times (width)Length = (area) divided by (width)Width = (area) divided by (length)

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