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Ok many of the windows 32 files can be infected with viruses they can ruin your computer they will soon make it to the hard drive!! not good you ned to get a good antivirus adware and spyware scanners

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โˆ™ 2005-11-30 19:03:56
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Q: What does the message c windows system32 autoexec system file is not suitable for running ms dos and Microsoft Windows mean?
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How do you stop system32 from popping up when you start up windows xp?

Mine has suddenly started doing this too. A required Microsoft Windows system directory, the Windows System32 directory is often located in either C:\Windows\System32 or C:\Winnt\system32. Often many Microsoft Windows error messages will contain the system32 directory because many of the system files Windows uses to run are stored in this directory. By itself the System32 directory will not cause any errors unless it is missing of course. If you are getting an error with a file in the System32 directory search for that file. No error message, it just pops up and has to be 'closed'

How do you find windows explorer on your Microsoft Windows 95 software?

The program for Windows Explorer, explorer.exe, should be located in C:\Windows\System32.

Where is system32 folder located on the computer?

On Windows machines C:\windows\system32.

What folder holds the windows registry?

C:\Windows\system32\restore, C:\Windows\registry\backup, C:\Windows\system32, C:\Windows\registry, C:\Windows\system32\config, C:\Windows\system32\config\RegBack

How do you reinstall windows xp root system32 dll file?

System32 dll file locates in C:\WINDOWS\system32. You can directly install it in C:\WINDOWS\system32.

What is awvtqpnkdll?

awvtqpnk.dll is a system module associated with Windows XP and earlier Microsoft Windows operating systems. It is found at this path: C:\Windows\system32\awvtqpnk.dll.

System32 auto exec NT the system file not suitable for running ms-dos and Microsoft applications?

In my case Autoexec.nt was missing from the C:\WINNT\System32 directory. Looking in the C:\WINNT\Repair directory I found that Windows had automatically made a backup copy of Autoexec.nt, so I just copied this into C:\WINNT\System32 and the problem was fixed.

What two subfolders in the C Windows System32 folder contain files needed for Windows startup?

C:\Windows\System32\config and C:\Windows\System32\drivers

What two subfolders in the windows system32 folder contain files needed for windows startup?

1. C:\windows\system32\drivers and c:\windows\system32\config

What are two subfolders in the system32 folder contain files needed for windows startup?

1. C:\windows\system32\drivers and c:\windows\system32\config

What is the folder in which windows is installed is known generically as what?

System32 under C://Windows/System32

What 2 subfolders in the cwindows system32 folder contain files needed for windows startup?

1. C:\windows\system32\drivers and c:\windows\system32\config

What is the System32 directory on a Windows system?

The System32 directory on a Windows system is a place for storing files. The System32 directory is located in the C drive.

Name the files that Sys-edit automatically displays for editing and a short description of each?

Sys-edit is a software utility included with Microsoft Windows that enables a user to view and edit important system files (system.ini, win.ini, autoexec.bat, and config.sys) easily. The sysedit.exe file is located in the C:\Windows\System, C:\Windows\System32, or C:\Winnt\System32 directory and is included in all versions of Microsoft Windows. Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, and XP

Where do you find windows system32 folder?

click on C: drive, then click on Windows and you can see System32 folder somewhere there.

What are Two subfolders in the CWindowssystem32 folder that contains files needed for Windows startup?

C:\windows\system32\drivers and c:\windows\system32\config

What is the function of dfsc.sys file?

Dfsc.sys is the Microsoft Windows DFS namespace client file. It is located in the folder C:\Windows\System32\drivers. Known file sizes on Windows 7 and Windows XP are 75,264 bytes and 78,336 bytes (or 74,752 bytes), respectively. It is a Windows core system file and is Microsoft signed.

What is wgatray. exe?

wgatray.exe is a process which belongs to the Microsoft Windows Operating System and provides a notification system for Windows Genuine Advantage product validation software. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WgaTray.exe stands for Windows Genuine Advantage Notification or Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications developed by Microsoft Corporation. WgaTray.exe is located in the folder C:\Windows\System32. The file is digitally signed from Microsoft Corporation - Microsoft Time-Stamp Service.

How do you remove Trojan win obfuscated gx?

From adaware forum In case you don't have HijackThis...* Download Trend Micro Hijack This™Doubleclick the HJTInstall.exe to start it.By default it will install HijackThis in the Program Files\Trendmicro folder and create a desktop shortcut.HijackThis will open after install. Press the Scan button below.Then in HijackThis, look if one of the following is present and check it in HijackThis:(the CLSIDs {********-****-****-****-************} may be different in your case, but the filename is always the same)O2 - BHO: BetaDivX - {48BF2BC0-2945-11D8-8CAC-00080FC65465} - C:\WINDOWS\system32\IR9V0_QCX.dllO2 - BHO: BetaDivX - {D99BACC6-6289-4D4F-8BAF-4192016AF547} - C:\Windows\System32\bDivX.dllO2 - BHO: IntelVideoCodec - {33A12BEB-3219-4CA8-99B4-733192704C62} - C:\WINDOWS\system32\IntelVideoDivX.dllO2 - BHO: IntelVideoCodec - {04F7FAC5-F506-4F29-9094-9CB9144B192C} - C:\WINDOWS\system32\IntelVideo.dllO2 - BHO: IntelVideoCodec - {AF36E90A-44CA-4EE3-B578-C07383623217} - C:\Windows\System32\Video32.dllO2 - BHO: RealMedia - {87B570FB-D2CF-4D3C-8E1B-E1E7018BBA95} - C:\WINDOWS\system32\dx50codec.dllO2 - BHO: RealMedia - {0EEDB911-C5FA-486F-8334-57288578C627} - C:\WINDOWS\system32\XunLeiBHO_Now.dllO2 - BHO: 3GP - {5D67E2E7-0C2B-4491-87C4-37F2AC6033D2} - C:\WINDOWS\system32\a3gpcodec.dllO2 - BHO: AlphaDivX - {3B236BEE-8200-421D-919D-CA17D5739D8F} - C:\WINDOWS\system32\aDivX.dllO2 - BHO: Mp3 Video - {D4FD35A3-101C-4FAA-A9CA-E8C9461C3CEF} - C:\WINDOWS\system32\mp3avi.dllO2 - BHO: Mp3 Video - {2B659BB5-3E85-4BC6-BAFC-98FEDFF3AE99} - C:\WINDOWS\system32\VideoMP3.dllO2 - BHO: Video On-line - {741403DD-46A4-4D58-8FA7-427335C3BBF6} - C:\WINDOWS\system32\PowerVideo.dllO2 - BHO: Video DivX 3.12 - {09D72564-27E2-4F12-8AB6-03F83E4567DE} - C:\WINDOWS\system32\sysdivx.dllO2 - BHO: System DivX4 - {2FA3B736-1AC7-454D-8E94-8BA8158BF064} - C:\WINDOWS\system32\sysvideo32.dllO2 - BHO: System DivX4 - {2FA3B736-1AC7-454D-8E94-8BA8158BF064} - C:\WINDOWS\system32\sysvideo32.dllO2 - BHO: Video - {15FEB658-AACC-412E-BC13-D54CFD74A8F6} - C:\WINDOWS\stream32a.dllO2 - BHO: Video - {D0995F82-90C7-4C78-9B4C-C1700FB8B120} - C:\WINDOWS\windivx.dllClick the "Fix checked" button below.Then reboot your computer.After reboot, navigate to and delete one of the following file if still present (related with the entry you fixed in HijackThis):C:\WINDOWS\system32\IR9V0_QCX.dllC:\Windows\System32\bDivX.dllC:\WINDOWS\system32\IntelVideoDivX.dllC:\WINDOWS\system32\IntelVideo.dllC:\Windows\System32\Video32.dllC:\WINDOWS\system32\XunLeiBHO_Now.dllC:\WINDOWS\system32\dx50codec.dllC:\WINDOWS\system32\a3gpcodec.dllC:\WINDOWS\system32\aDivX.dllC:\WINDOWS\system32\mp3avi.dllC:\WINDOWS\system32\VideoMP3.dllC:\WINDOWS\system32\PowerVideo.dllC:\WINDOWS\system32\sysdivx.dllC:\WINDOWS\system32\sysvideo32.dllC:\WINDOWS\stream32a.dllC:\WINDOWS\windivx.dllAlso look if the following files are present and delete them:C:\Windows\System32\bDivX.dll.bakC:\WINDOWS\system32\IR9V0_QCX.dll.bakC:\WINDOWS\system32\IntelVideo.dll.bakC:\WINDOWS\system32\IntelVideoDivX.dll.bakC:\Windows\System32\Video32.dll.bakC:\WINDOWS\system32\XunLeiBHO_Now.dll.bakC:\WINDOWS\system32\dx50codec.dll.bakC:\WINDOWS\system32\a3gpcodec.dll.bakC:\WINDOWS\system32\aDivX.dll.bakC:\WINDOWS\system32\mp3avi.dll.bakC:\WINDOWS\system32\sysdivx.dll.bakC:\WINDOWS\system32\VideoMP3.dll.bakC:\WINDOWS\system32\PowerVideo.dll.bakC:\WINDOWS\system32\sysvideo32.dll.bakC:\WINDOWS\stream32a.dll.bakC:\WINDOWS\windivx.dll.bakNormally, by default, if you fix that entry in Hijackthis and your Internet Explorer is closed while fixing in HijackThis, HijackThis will already delete that file as well. So don't worry if you can't find the file afterwards anymore - HijackThis already deleted it. But it's always a good idea to doublecheck.Please make sure you don't delete "similar looking" files as they may be legitimate.In case when you're in doubt or it didn't solve your problem, please start a NEW thread in the HijackThisforum with your HijackThislog.FYI... Ad-Aware removes this pest as well. So make sure you have the latest updates.

What information is contained in the windows system32 logfile srt srttrailtxtWhat is in the C windows system32 logfile srt srttrailtxt?

The Startup Repair process of Windows RE

In windows where are registry backups stored?

Windows vista and 7 %system root%/system32/config/ ie: C:\system32\config

What two sub folders in the cWindowssystem 32 folder contain files needed for Windows startup?

C:\Windows\System32\config C:\Windows\System32\drivers

Where does Windows store device driver files?

c:\Windows\system32 or c:\Windows\system32\drivers and have an .exe , .dll or .sys A+ Guide to software page 305

What tow subfolders in the c windowssystem32 folder conatin files needed for windows startup?

1. C:\windows\system32\drivers and c:\windows\system32\config

How do you remove

1. Click Start - click run - type in regidit and press enter. After you open registry editor, you should find out and remove malicious entriesHKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Ext\Stats\[random] HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Search\Gather\Windows\System Index\Crawls\ll@IsCatalogLevel 0 2. Search and delete associated files%Temp%\[random].class %Windows%\system32\fake svchost.exe %Windows%\system32\DRIVERS\[random].sys