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What does the minutemen flag mean?

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The snake is coiled ready to attack at a moments notice just like the minutemen. No one who sees it forgets it. "Liberty or death" sent a clear strong message to the british, which is what the revolutionaries wanted. Don't tread on me simply means you wouldn't mess with a snake don't mess with us.

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What do you think of minutemen?

If you mean Minutemen the movie from Disneychannel then i cannot answer because that movie show next month tune in and watch it yourself next month!!

What does the word minutemen mean?

Men who are already prepared at the last second.

Who plays in Minutemen?

who plays the characters in minutemen

What is a synonym for MinuteMen?

Militiamen IS a synonym for minutemen

How would you write a sentence using the word 'minutemen'?

Paul Revere's midnight ride alerted many minutemen. Two hundred years ago we had the minutemen. Today we haven't got a minute. What will it take for you to support the minutemen?

What does a flag mean on AOL email?

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Did the British have Minutemen too?

No the british did not have minutemen it was only the colonists.

Who was the leader of the minutemen?

Captain John Parker was the leader of minutemen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do the stripes on Germany's flag mean?

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Why were minutemen important?

Minutemen were important because they were able to be ready to protect their community within just a minute, hence the name minutemen.

What does the logo in the flag mean?

Which flag are you talking about?

What do the symbols on the Washington flag mean?

The stuff on the flag is on the flag lololol

How many red stripes are on the flag and what do they mean?

It would depend on which flag you mean

What does a yellow star on the American flag mean?

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Who were colonistist that were prepared to fight at the drop of a hat?

If you mean in the United States, those were called "minutemen".

In what war were the minutemen prepared to fight?

tn what war were the minutemen prepared to fight

Who is Zeke in Minutemen?

Zeke played the role of Nicholas Braun in the movie Minutemen.

How long did it take minutemen to get ready to fight?

Why do you think they are called minutemen? About a minute.

How do you write a sentence using the word minutemen?

The minutemen were prepared to defend the town.

Does Justin Bieber star in minutemen?

No, Justin Bieber doesn't star in Minutemen.

When was UMass Minutemen football created?

UMass Minutemen football was created in 1879.

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The red flag in football mean?

Challenge Flag

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