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Q: What does the name Arla mean?
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When was Arla Foods created?

Arla Foods was created in 2000.

What is the population of Arla Foods?

The population of Arla Foods is 16,215.

What is the population of Arla Foods UK?

The population of Arla Foods UK is 3,000.

When was Arla Foods UK created?

Arla Foods UK was created in 2003.

When was Arla Theys born?

Arla Theys was born on March 14, 1940, in Kortrijk, Flanders, Belgium.

What is charla in pig latin?

Pig Latin for Charla is Arla-Chay.

Who is the manufacturer of Dano milk in Nigeria?

Arla Foods. Dano is produced in Denmark, on milk from Danish cows.

What is better a scissor kick or a front crawl?

actually a front crawl because you can do more motion.<3 Arla

What movie and television projects has Arla Theys been in?

Arla Theys has: Performed in "Slachtvee" in 1979. Played Irma Verhelle in "De paradijsvogels" in 1979. Played Zuster van de boer in "De kolderbrigade" in 1980. Performed in "Le dancing" in 1983. Played Isabella in "Postbus X" in 1988. Played Hoofdverpleegster in "Commissaris Roos" in 1990. Played Viviane in "Commissaris Roos" in 1990.

4 letter word starting and ending with a?

Abba (Swedish pop-group) Alba (Gaelic name for Scotland) Alfa (...Romeo automotive firm) Anna (girl's name) Aqua (Latin for water) Aria (operatic song) Arla (food manufacturing company) Asda (UK supermarket - part of the Wal-Mart empire) Aura (halo / migraine symptom)

What does the name antingo mean?

what does the name antingo mean? what does the name antingo mean?