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What does the name D'arcy mean?


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Darcy is from an English surname, and was consequently derived the Norman French d'Arcy (which originally denoted a person who hailed from Arcy, France.)

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Darcy is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and the meaning of Darcy is "dark". Also a Norman place name, "from Arcy".

The name Darcy means "dark one".

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Darcy is Irish-derived and means: dark and strong.

Darcy as a forename is both used for male and female names. However, in Pride and Prejudice (as has been tagged) Darcy is used as a surname with Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy although he is regularly referred to as just Darcy so is not used as a girl's name in the context, only as a surname.

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Darcy, is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and its meaning is "dark". Also a Norman place name, "from Arcy". Jane Austen named the haughty hero of "Pride and Prejudice" "Mr. Darcy", with connotations of Norman aristocracy.

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