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What does the name Emma mean?

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Emma means universal or entire. Also diligent one.

Emma comes from the Latin name, meaning "Universal".

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What does Emma mean in china?

What does the name Emma mean

What does Emma Watson's name mean?

Emma means "whole or universal".

What does the name Emma for a girl mean?

The girls name Emma comes from the Old German for 'nurse'.

What does the girl name Emma mean?

It means universal. Or nurse. P.s if your name is Emma, you are awesome!! :)

What does the word Emma mean?

It is a name

What does Emma mean in greek?

By Emma you mean the name? If so, then it doesn't mean anything.. If you mean ema as a noun it means blood

What does Emma mean in German?

Emma is a girls name. A Tante-Emma-Laden is a Mom-and-Pop store.

What does Emma mean in welsh?

Emma is not a Welsh word and has no meaning in Welsh. The name Emma is spelled the same.

What does the mame Emma mean?

Emma is a great name it is the best i like it I'm going to call my children after Emma, i love Emma it is a great name...oh no I've already said name Emma by the way,I'm not biased!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!by Emma lol

What does the awesome name Emma mean?

Emma is a shorter name for the German name, Ermintrude. Emma actually means "entire or universal." The origin of Emma comes from the old French and old German language.

What does the name Emma sleeper mean?

a flirt!

What does Emma mean in chinese?

The name Emma is Germanic in its origin and there is not a meaning for this name in Chinese. The Germanic meaning of this name is universal or whole.

What does the name Emma Kate mean?

The meaning of Emma is strong, and the meaning of Kate is pure.

What is the Hebrew name for Emma?

Emma is not a Hebrew name. It is of Germanic origin and can mean universal, industrious or nurse.

What does your name Emma mean?

The name Emma means that your beautiful, wonderful person , smart, brave, funny, the name Emma came from Germany and you will live along time and have beautiful childern

Is Emma a biblical name and what does it mean?

No, Emma is not a Biblical name. Emma was originally a nickname for names derived from the Germanic word element ermenmeaning "whole" or "universal".

What does the name Emma mean in Japanese?

Blessed linen

How many people have the name Emma?

I know that thousands of people have the name emma and my name is emma if your name is emma your lucky

Is Emma a popular girl name in Canada?

Emma is always a famous name my name is Emma and i know 3 others named Emma

What is the birth name of Emma Meissner?

Emma Meissner's birth name is Emma Ekstrm.

What is the birth name of Emma Baron?

Emma Baron's birth name is Emma Barbon.

What is the birth name of Emma Samms?

Emma Samms's birth name is Samuelson, Emma.

What is the birth name of Emma Shuckburgh?

Emma Shuckburgh's birth name is Emma Ashley.

What is the birth name of Emma Stansfield?

Emma Stansfield's birth name is Emma Thompson.

What is the birth name of Emma Tansey?

Emma Tansey's birth name is Emma Purcell.