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Simba means "lion" in Swahili.

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Q: What does the name simba mean in Swahili?
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What does simba nim mean?

Simba means lion in Swahili

Does Swahili mean lion?

No, in swahili, the word lion is simba, like from the lion king, simba=lion.

What does simba mean?

Simba means 'lion' in Swahili. he is also a cartoon.

What does simba mean in lion king?

Simba means lion in Swahili.

What does mufassa mean?

The name "Mufasa" means "King" in the Manazoto language. Simba's name is Swahili for "lion".

Does Simba mean king in Swahili?

No. It means 'lion'.

What does NIMS mean?

Simba means lion in Swahili

What does the name Simba from The Lion King mean?

It simply means lion, in the Swahili language of Africa.

African name of the lion?

The Swahili word for lion is "simba".

What does simba stand for?

"Simba" means "lion" in Swahili.

What language is simba?


What is one indigenous African name for lion?

Simba is Swahili for a Lion.

Simba the Swahili word for this animal also means king?

No, Simba means "lion" only in Swahili.

What is 'tiger' in Swahili?


What language uses simba to mean lion?

Swahili, it's a language in South Africa :)

How do you say lion in Swahili?

Simba or Asadi

Swahili word for tiger?

TIGER := simba marara

What does the name nala mean in English?

As a girl's name, Nala means gift in Swahili. It was also the name of Simba's childhood friend in The Lion King. As a boy's name, Nala was an emperor in Hindu mythology.

What does Brandon mean in Swahili?

Brandon is not a Swahili name, but to make the name look Swahili it would be... Brandoni.

Simba a word for this animal means king?

Simba is a Swahili word that means Lion. And the lion is the King of the jungle.

Simba the Swahili word for this animal also means''king''?


How did they pick Lion King names?

They pick the names for the Lion King characters from words in the Swahili language. For example, Simba is translated into Swahili meaning "lion". They also chose Swahili words for the characters so it can connect with their personalities such as Zira (who hates Simba and the Pridelanders) means "hate" in Swahili.

What is the Swahili for lioness?

Swahili for Lioness or Lion is "Simba" whih is also the name of the Lion from The Lion King (best Disney movie ever) XD oh and that's my name too :P

Swahili word for lion?

Simba is lion in Swahili. It's for this reason that the main character of Disney's The Lion King (1994), a young lion, is named Simba. The movie uses several Swahili words and phrases that the writers learned while researching for the film.

What does shalonda mean in Swahili?

Not a Swahili word or name. It may be a made-up name for a child . . . somewhere.