What does the nautical term Screw Room mean?

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It is the room from which the screw (propeller) is accessible. Plaques available elsewhere.
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What is the meaning of the nautical sparrows?

Sparrows are (I should say "were") symbolic for sailors that havelogged 5000 nautical miles at sea. These are blue swallows as faras tradition goes. The others are just new schooler trying to bringback some old school with there own twist. I personally have onetattooed under each arm showing for my ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of a nautical star?

Nautical Stars Sailors have long used nautical stars as symbols of protection and guidance. Here is more information and input: . A friend of mine who is a marine told me that a star is a symbol of protection. He has them tattooed on his shoulders. . Back in the day when being gay wasnt the thi ( Full Answer )

What did mermaids in nautical tattoos mean?

As far as I know, mermaids were the embelishments of very "lonely" sailors who mistook sea-cows, (manatees) for something a bit more alluring... I believe it just became the hallmark for many sailors who wished to carry on the salty tradition for lonely sailors everywhere... Lar Waimon Answer I' ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of the colors of nautical stars?

i don't know much about them i know that they do mean something though but i know that the red and black is the chaos star ANSWER Originally the first tattoo inks used consisted of black ash or soot from a campfire. As tattoo inks started to evolved different mineral pigments were used to give co ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of a nautical star tattoo?

Answer . \nSee the closely related questions linked to the right.. Answer . I see this is a much debated subject but as not a soul has came to a answer I will for you..... It is easy to see that in different society's it's got a different meaning for punks its anarchy, dreams ect. But for som ( Full Answer )

What do stars mean in nautical tattoos?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nI'm not sure myself what the neutical star means up until not to long ago, but I do have one on my forearm and I'm definetly not a lesbian. I got the tattoo just because it was something I loved to draw constantly and decided to make it permanent on my body.\n. \n. ( Full Answer )

What does each color of a nautical star mean?

Answer . it means the same thing as a normal nautical star, it was just the person's preference to get it a certain color. the colors have no meaning. A NOTE TO ALL:. DONT POST ANSWERS IF YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT, YOU MAKE THE WORLD A DUMBER PLACE. Nautical a term describing th ( Full Answer )

What does the nautical term list mean?

Answer . It means leaning over.. More specifically . Both list and heel refer to lean or tilt in a boat or ship. The term list is usually used to refer to a tendency of a boat to lean due to some problem of ballast or weight distribution. Heel, on the other hand, is usually used to refer to ( Full Answer )

What nautical term does the word gossip originate from?

Answer . Scuttlebutt.. Answer . While scuttlebutt may be something of a synonym for gossip (actually, scuttlebutt is more akin to "rumours") the word didn't originate there. Gossip is from an Old English word, which came to mean "idle chatter".

What is the meaning of a green nautical star?

If you are going to spend a significant amount of time on thewater, it is important that you understand what certain thingsmean. A green nautical star means starboard or right.

What does a nautical star on your wrist mean?

The Nautical Star on the left wrist aligned with the thumb is believed to be a positive guide for the future. The left palm is used in palm readings to reveal a persons future and the nautical star is used in this instance to guide the palm.

Blue and black nautical stars mean?

Blue and black nautical stars symbolize a sailor's love for andloyalty to the sea. Nautical stars in general have long beensymbols of protection.

What does screw mean?

Noun: . a metal fastener with a tapered shank and a helical thread, and with a slotted head . something having a spiral form . a spiral propeller Verb: . to fasten, tighten, force, press, etc by means of a screw or device having a screw-like thread . to attach with a screw fastener . to ( Full Answer )

What does three nautical stars mean?

Three nautical stars on a tattoo often mean that someone has lost afriend or family member at sea. This tattoo is seen on members ofthe Navy as well as on civilians.

What does cws invincible mean nautical term?

It is not a nautical term. It is a hand plunger to wash clothes by hand and is the brand name. It also has a picture of an imaginary CWS Invincible ship embossed on the side.

What do nautical stars tattoo stars mean?

You need to have two nautical stars tattoo. One is for to find your way in life and the other one is for luck. So they both have to be the same sizes and color.

What does 'screw you' mean?

Means you can screw yourself, f*ck yourself. People also take it as go to hell.. my friend answer!

What is the nautical term for rearward?

The term is "astern" as opposed to "ahead" (forward) It comes from the word stern, that means the rear of the boat, as opposite to the bow The nautical term for rearward, as in the direction, would be aft.

What does the word nautical mean?

Nautical has to do with the sea, or well, sailing, and anything that relates as such.. Nautical has to do with the sea, or well, sailing, and anything that relates as such.

What does weather the lizard mean in nautical terms?

In nautical terms, the words have the following meanings: Weather - to pass to windward a point of land; the Lizard - a Cornwall Peninsula. Therefore, weather the Lizard would be to make sail from either Plymouth or Portsmouth and pass by the Lizard (point) with the land on the Larboard (starboar ( Full Answer )

What does the nautical term 'avast' mean?

'Hold fast" or 'Stop' its an old nautical term/command first documented 1n 1681.. Would have been used as an order to stop/halt an individual, or a ships company in what they were doing.. It may well come from the Dutch luanguage 'Houa Vast'

What nautical term means behind?

The term is "abaft". Sometimes "astern" is also used. - Incorrect. Abaft is used (rarely) to reference the direction of the stern relative to an object. For example "It is abaft the launcher". The term for behind the ship in a literal sense would be astern. For example "All ships form a line aster ( Full Answer )

What does lock out rooms mean in condo rental terms?

Usually, this can mean a room or closet or whole area of the unit that renters are not allowed access to, so the owner can keep/ store/ maintain items and areas strictly for owner use.

What is the origin of the word knot as a nautical term?

The term "knot" originated sometime around the 16th century and referred to a method of measuring the speed of a sailing vessel. A "chip log" was attached to a line with knots tied at intervals and then thrown overboard. The drag on the chip log caused the line to run out and the number of knots tha ( Full Answer )

Where does the nautical term sheet come from?

a sheet or sceata in Anglo saxon was at first a sail or the lower part of a sail at least& indeed this sheet has the same source as a bed sheet the rope that controls a sail was known in those days as a sheet line or sceatline but by the early 14th century sheet lines began to lose their lin ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of the nautical term Mark Twain?

On the Mississippi River during the time of Samuel Clemens, A rope or rod with fathom markings was used to gauge the depth of the river. A depth of less than two fathoms was considered risky for boats to navigate across. Who ever was doing the depth measure would call out the markings by terms such ( Full Answer )

What does screwed mean?

A screw is a simple machine in which a sloping side ascends a column by circling it and ascending at the same time. Screws have been used to extract water from wells and to propel ships. Nowadays they are best known as a method of fastening used in jar lids ("screw tops") and to attach metal and woo ( Full Answer )

What does the nautical term 'lofting' mean?

Lofting is an architectural drafting technique (sometimes using mathematical tables) whereby curved lines are drawn on wood and the wood then cut for advanced woodworking. The technique can be as simple as bending a flexible object (such as a long cane) so that it passes over three non-linear points ( Full Answer )

What does aero nautical mean?

"Aeronautical" means "of or pertaining to air travel or airplanes" - for example, aeronautical design is the design of airplanes.

A rut is technically a term for what nautical mishap?

There is no specific, official definition for a rut in terms of nautical definitions. However, a rut can be defined as a boring, fixed routine or as a groove in a soft material, such as wood.

What did the term by in large mean in nautical terms?

The proper term is, "By and Large" In sailing days, it meant, "Sailing By the wind, and going Large ", which meant you had the wind aft, or generally behind you, and your sails were full, or large. In effect, it means you had more options of courses to steer.

What does nautical miles mean?

Today, one nautical mile still equals exactly the internationally agreed upon measure of 1,852 meters (6,076 feet). One of the most important concepts in understanding the nautical mile though is its relation to latitude. Because a nautical mile is based on Earth's circumference, an easy way to unde ( Full Answer )