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makes you the messiah

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Q: What does the navigation bar in Windows do?
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Is it possible to customize the navigation bar in Windows Explorer?

It is possible to customize the navigation bar in Windows Explorer. Simply explore the customized settings found under the drop down Tool bar. There one can remove or add different menu functions.

Navigation bar keeps disappeating after you pressed F10?

it's just a default posses from the program in windows or mac.

What are the navigation tools in windows?

They are the arrow keys .

What is the positive aspects of a navigation bar?


What is the function of navigation bar?

I would not have a clue

What is the bar called with links on on websites?

Most likely it is called the "navigation bar."

What is a task bar in windows?

In windows the task bar is the bar on the bottom of your computer with the start menu on it

What are the parts of Ms access 2007?

1. Windows Control 2. Quick Access Toolbar 3. Status Bar 4. Title Bar 5. Navigation Pane 6. Object Pane 7. Ribbon

How do you add an icon to the navigation bar of the epo console?

Customize the shortcut bar for quick access to the features and functionality you use most often. The McAfee ePO interface uses menu-based navigation

What are important features of windows explorer?

file navigation

What are the positive aspects of a navigation bar?

A positive of a nav bar is to navagite uses back and forth

How do you close your Windows Live account?

# Go to the Account Summary page. # On the navigation bar, click Settings. # Under Common tasks, click Close your account. # Verify that the correct Windows Live ID appears, type your password, and then click Yes.

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