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It is a fertile land in France. It is obviously green with farmlands and grasses.

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Are most cities like Paris and Berlin found in the Northern European plain?

Paris is not located in the Northern European Plain, but Berlin is.

Another name of Indo gangetic plain?

Northern Plain and The Northern Indian River Plain

What is the population of Northern Great Plain?

The population of Northern Great Plain is 1,514,020.

What does the blower motor look like?

it looks like what its suppose to look like a plain motor.

What does a flood plain look like?

it is a landform.

How does the mesopotamia empire landscape look like?

it look like a plain its fflat green area

What did the medieval landforms look like?

it looked plain

What does calico look like?

A plain cloth with a pattern on it.

What does the penguins eyes look like?

they look black,just plain black.

Which major Europe plain is bigger?

The Northern European Plain.

Why is the north Indian plain so fertile?

The rivers in the northern plain flow through the mountains and deposit minerals and silt making the northern plain fertile.

What is the difference between Northern plain and Peninsular plateau?

wat is the difference between northern plain n peninsular plateau

What is definition of northen European plain?

Northern European plain is tundra.

Does the Northern European plain stretch from the Atlantic coast into Eastern Europe?

Does the vast plain that stretches from the Atlantic coast into Eastern Europe is called the Northern European Plain.

What is the plain that extends from the Netherlands across northern Europe and into Russia?

It is called, appropriately, the Northern European Plain. It runs from the Netherlands across Germany and Poland to the East European Plain.

What are the three major plains in Europe?

The Eastern European Plain, the Northern European Plain, and the Plain of France.

WHAT are two major European plains?

Steppes Plain and Northern European Plain.

What are Russia's two main plains?

northern European plain and west Siberian plain

What European plain is known for its fertile soil and river systems?

The Northern European Plain

What vast plain stretching across much of northern Europe?

Baltic Coastal plain

What does a plain look like?

A plain is any place that has low lying hills and no mountains. A plain is mainly used for growing wheat and other kinds of foods that are harvested.

What continent is Northern European Plain?


What describes the northern European plain?


What type of soil in northern plain?


What do hyenas look like?

Hyenas are brown and black and can be spotted, striped or plain!.