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A Netball referee can wear different articles of clothing. Typically for women it is a polo shirt and a skirt of matching colors, which are usually white.


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the officials in netball are the team captain, the umpires and the coaches

The officials in netball are the umpire, time keeper, captain and coaches

In Netball their are 3 not including Coaches.

the officials are the captain- the coach- the timekeeper and the umpire

Usually the umpires of a match.

no, sometimes tv's are used to watch

Most of the time they wear shorts instead but it would be funny to see a boy wear a netball dress playing netball

we wear clothes like skirts and top and netball shoes

No you cant wear beads in your hair in a game of netball for safety.

a match officials are people who take care of the play on the team like the couch

In netball you wear skorts(skirt with shorts underneath), a t-shirt and your bib over the top.

To see whether if there s a foul committed

A whistle. Score board. And maybe some knowledge of netball. Whether it is a throw in E.T.C E.T.C

no they do not have to wear dresses or skirts men play basketball although they can play netball however they wear pants

what uniforms did netball players wear in the early 1900's

Netballis a sport which females love and you get to wear cool netball skirts.

THey have to be aware of fouls and contact between players.

football basketball tennis netball hockey does are the sports that have official

netball bibs are something for you to wear so you can know what team you are in and what position you play

The Coach, Umpire, Time keeper, Scorer. I think that is all.

the officials are the help, so no. They obviously get training and stuff before they become a proper official, but no, they pretty much are the help.

they wear bows and mows

trainers or something like that

Skirts really help in netball, because they keep you cooler than shorts when you're running around, and if you wear matching underwear you don't have to be shy about showing them when you jump. I always wear a skirt and netball underwear when I'm practising, and my game's really improved.

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