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that icon usually works with a light when fuel is low. also sometimes has arrow pointing to the side where filler is. other times, depending what side of dash cluster it is on determines side of fuel filler.example is if on left side of cluster, filler is on left side of vehicle

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What does a wrench icon on the dash of your 2000 Chevy cavalier mean what does the wrench icon on the dash of my 2000 Chevrolet cavalier mean?

Not 100% sure but it sounds like it's a check engine or service soon warning light.

What does the skidding car icon in the car dash mean?

I would think that the skidding car icon would be to alert you to a traction control problem..

What does the skidding car icon mean in the car dash?

Means slippery or wet road conditions

What does the lamp icon on the dash mean when lit?

Bulb (Head light,or tailight,or stop light) not operating

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What do the dash symbols mean on a mini cooper?

The red battery icon is an indication the charging system is not functioning properly. The red water icon is an indication the cooling system is overheating.

What does the i icon on your Chrysler 300 dash mean?

It means that you have a message. Scroll the menu to "messages" and press the right arrow to read.

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What do icons mean on dash?

Each icon on the dash means something different. They are generally warnings, or reminders for the driver. Such as Engine Maintenance, Bulb Replacement, Airbag, Seatbelt, etc. What doesThe yellow light that looks like a character behind a wheel mean?

What does the dash icon that looks like a tire with an exclamation point in it mean on the 2004 ford explorer?

That's your LOW TIRE PRESSURE warning light

What does this icon mean?

i don't know where's the icon

There is this icon of a car with rear light flash coming up and off lateron the dash board what do this mean?

It means that one of your tail lights do not work properly.

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What is water icon on dash of 2001 ford escape?

If you mean the warning light just to the left of your engine temperature gauge that means that the engine coolant level in the coolant reservoir is low

What do icon's mean on dash board of Mitsubishi pajero gdi?

The icons on the dashboard of a Mitsubishi Pajero GDI usually referred to a possible problem. The engine icon means there is a problem with the engine.

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