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It means that the when the egg is fertilized into the uteris it doesn't get fertilized, basicly it stops you from having baby without killin it and without that thing i forgot wat it was called.

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What does rooted mean?

firmly implanted or cheered

What does IU mean?

Intra uterine?

What does IUDs U mean?

Uterine. It stands for Intra-Uterine Device - A contraceptive device to prevent pregnancy.

What does uterine mean?

of or relating to the uterus or womb

What does the medical abbreviation IUD mean?

Intra Uterine Device"Intrauterine Death" and "intrauterine device"Intra Uterine Device

What is the name of the vaccine that prevents tetanus?

tetanus PREVENTS lockjaw if this is what you mean

Are strong pregnancy symptoms a sign of a healthy pregnancy?

If you mean a good dose of morning sickness etc, then yes! I have heard that if you feel really ill during the first tri-mester, it usually means your pregnancy has "taken" well. usually it means that the pregnancy is well implanted into the uterine wall.

What does heavy abnormal bleeding mean?

Possible causes of heavy bleeding include menopause, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, gonorrhea, uterine fibroids, and endometriosis.

What does the medical abbreviation UC mean?

UC means Uterine Contractions.

Does implantation cramps mean you are pregnant?

yes, it means the sperm has been implanted in your uterus.

What does becoming a vamp mean?

It means becoming a vampire.

What does the prefix colpo mean?

The prefix "colpo-" means "womb" or "uterine cervix."

What does it mean when uterine cancer is aggressive?

It means it spreads and causes damage quickly

What does the medical abbreviation LUS mean?

LUS means lower uterine segment.

What does the medical abbreviation PUFT mean?


What does the medical abbreviation dub mean?

DUB means dysfunctional uterine bleeding.

What does the medical abbreviation ess mean?

Endometrial Stromal Sarcoma (uterine cancer)

What does becoming mean?

Becoming is an old fashioned word meaning attractive.

What does menstrate mean?

Menstruation is when the uterine lining sheds - this occurs once per menstrual cycle. Menstruation occurs if a woman doesn't fall pregnant, the uterine lining sheds ready for next cycle.

What is mean look in Pokemon?

A move that prevents a Pokemon from escaping

Can IUD deform fetus?

Hi I assume by IUD you mean an inter-uterine contraceptive like the Dutch cap. In which case I would wonder why you would be using one if you are pregnant (or how you got pregnant, come to that)? Unless of course you have something surgically implanted, in which case if it worries you you could probably have it surgically un-implanted. My knowledge of IUDs is sadly limited. As usual, I suggest you get proper advice from your gynecologist or call the local Family Planning office; you might want to start here: where there is a link to find a clinic near you. Phil

What does contraction mean in medical terms?

The most general medical meaning of "contraction" is shortening of the muscle. In obstetrics, it can mean shortening of the uterine muscle.

What does mean malibog?

becoming horny

What does trending mean?

It means becoming popular.

What Pokemon prevents escapingfleeing?

Pokemon with mean look can stop Pokemon from fleeing

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