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Goalie: The goalie has two main jobs: 1) to talk to the players, the goalie see the field better than anybody else, even the coaches and its their job to keep everybody in order especially defense 2) keep the ball out of the net, this is a given, the goalie is the last defence

Sweeper: The sweeper talks just as much as the goalie. Its one of the last lines of defense and is there to aid the goalie. Aligns defenders to keep them in shape.

Defensive Wings: They are there to keep the ball from going into the goal. They watch the other team's forwards and when they get the ball they send it out to the outside mids to move up the field. They mark the forwards and do not allow them receipt of the ball. Occasionally step up to support the attack.

Stopper: The stopper has one job: ATTACK BALL! the stopper is always watching who has the ball. They contain, which means giving the other person space but not letting them pass. Stabbing at the ball is bad! Work as a midfielder to support attack as well. However, main priority is defending.

Defensive Center Midfield: This player is there to work as defense and offense. They work with the offensive center mid to get the ball up the field.

Center Attacking Midfield: This player is there to work with the defensive center mid and also can act as an extra forward. They really move the ball up the field and towards the goal.

Outside Mids: Outside mids have goal line to goal line responsibilities. They have to be defense and offense. They make lots of diagonal passes in and out from defense, center mids, and forwards. They cross the ball in from the wings.

Forwards: Forwards recieve the ball from the outside mids or center mids and shoot at the goal. Forwards do what is their name. They move the ball forward. Its pointless to stay in one place even if youre passing youre getting nowhere if the ball isnt moving towards the goal.

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Q: What does the player in each of the different football positions do?
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