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it gives you all the pokeballs you might get ?80, 99, 999, or ?99.thats infinite pokeballs if it has a ? in the beginning of the number i did the and got ?80.

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Can you replace a Pokémon's pokeball?

Nope, the Pokeball you use is the Pokeball it stays in.

What pokeball do you use to catch kyugre?

a pokeball

What pokeball do you catch victini?

Which pokeball should you use to catch victini. Well i used the normal pokeball but in my opinion i think that you should use the ultra pokeball

How can you get seals on pokeball?

Simple really, turn the pokeball inside out then flip her around, then there you go, a sealed pokeball.

What pokeball is the best?

the best pokeball is the master ball.

What episode did ash get sucked into a pokeball?

Pokeball Peril.

What modifier is used if a patient underwent a bilateral tympanoplasty?

modifier -51

What is in the pokeball at the top of Salaceon ruins?

it is a pokeball (bor-ING!)

How do you use the pokeball toy?

If you have a catch pokeball jush cach.

What is a tc modifier?

A technical component modifier.

What part of speech is modifier?

Modifier is a noun.

How do you know when a Modifier is in a sentence?

How you know is you have to read the whole sentence and to find out what a modifier is you have to know what a modifier is

What are the best action replay codes for Pokemon pearl?

The 999 of every pokeball [L and R],the Pokemon modifier , infinite money, Pokemon cloning, catch trainers Pokemon, and run through walls is probably the best codes .

The best pokeball?

The best pokeball is a Master Ball which never fails.

How much does a PokeBall cost in Pokemon?

1 PokeBall is 200 in Pokemoney.

Why does pikachu not like the pokeball?

because he does not like the habitat the pokeball gives him

What is a sentence with the word modifier in it?

My teacher is my personal modifier.

Is superlative adjective?

Superlative is modifier. Modifier of Adjective.

What do you call someone that modifies cars?

there are two types of modifiers in this world. the bad modifier, and the good modifier. The bad modifier is called a (HACKER) the good modifier is called a (TUNER).

How do you catch growlithe in Pokemon platinum?

in your house there is a hidden pokeball and growlithe is in the pokeball

What pokeball catches rainbow ponyta in Pokemon battle arena?

super pokeball

What pokeball do you use to catch Ditto in heart gold?

you can use any pokeball

How do get the golden pokeball in yellow?

i have no clue. there probably isn't such thing as a "golden pokeball'

What is a gs Pokemon ball?

The gs pokeball is a pokeball only for celebi but I don't no how to get it

What happens to a pokeball after a Pokemon is released in the animae or manga or both?

they smash the pokeball

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