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It changes the shift pattern of the transmission. You want to have this switch off at all times unless you are hauling some weight (i.e. a trailer). If you switch it on you will notice the transmission will delay the shift to ensure there is enough power to compensate for the added weight.

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What is the n-at-p switch on a 1998 suzuki sidekick?

the normal / power switch only found on 4speed A/T is on the shift console. the PRNL switch is on the side of all A/T transmisions.

Why did my power light for my 1996 Suzuki Sidekick turn on?

un push the button on the shift console. done.

Where can you buy a suzuki sidekick power window switch 1998?

I've had great success with Hawk Strictly Suzuki on line at

What is the at switch used for on a 1997 Suzuki Sidekick It's located by the gear shift?

AT switchThe at switch when pushed to the right makes the transmission hesitate a few seconds before changing gears. it gives you a little more power in the gears! to the left is normal gear changing as it says (normal)

What is the at switch with N or P positions used for on a 1993 Suzuki Sidekick It's located by the gear shift?

Type your answer here... This switch on automatic transmission models is a power selector. When in the "N" position the transmission shifts at Normal shift points. When "P" is selected the shift points are at a higher Rpm (Power).

How much horse power does a suzuki sidekick have?

depends on what motor 80 to 120. 8v 16v? tell year, and what motor 8v and 16v and will tell flywheel brake horse power.

How do you install a kill switch on a suzuki lt-r 450?

put a 3 prong -power - load - ground, switch on the (+) side of the coil .....

What could be wrong if your Power window will roll down but wont roll up?

Your switch could be worn out you would have to replace the rocker to the switch or replace the whole window switch console.

What is the black switch next to the transmission power switch on the console in a 1989 jeep Cherokee?

It should be for the rear wiper or rear defroster. I have a 1992 (no power switch), but on the left side of my column are the fog light and rear defrost switches, and on the right is the rear wiper switch.

What function does the power switch located on the center console serve on a 1999 Elantra Does it actually do anything?

The "power switch" signal will tell the transmission to shift at a higher RPM. Deactivated, the transm. shift softer.

What does the power light on the suzuki grand vitara mean?

On the left side of the console is a button labeled power. When this button is pushed a power light comes on in dash. This button is used when you need more power such as climbing a steep grade.

Why does the power light come on the dashboard of a tracker 2001?

rocker switch on console normal/power n/p power for heavy loads changes transmission shift points

Rear 190 e electric windows stopped working fuse ok no power from centre console to rear how do you find fault?

take out the faulty switch fisrt on the console check 2 see if your getting voltage there if yes check the switch on door see if your getting voltage there if yes your motor is fried otherwise relace the faulty switch

Can the 12 GB PlayStation 3 console work on either 110V or 220V?

If there is a switch on the power supply that allows you to switch between the two voltages then the answer is yes. If there is no switch then you will need to use a travel voltage adapter to convert one voltage to the other.

How do you power on your Wii?

Press the power button on the console, or if you have a Wii Remote connected to the console, the power button on the remote. The power button on the console is located to the top-left of the disk slot, and above the D-Pad on the remote.

What is the power switch and were is the power switch?


How do you change a Mercedes ML320 electric window switch?

Front switch:1. Remove ashtray at front of center console(Manual picture shows console cover removed, and inverted to show bottom of switch assembly)2. Unclip center console switch group (S21)NOTE: Center console switch group can only be replaced completely.3. Install in the reverse orderRear switch:Remove/Install1. Remove armrest cover from center console(Manual picture shows cover and inside removed)2. Disconnect connector (2) from left (S21/15S1) and right (S21/15s2) rear power window switch3. Remove left (S21/15s1) and right (S21/15s2) rear power window switch from cover (1)CAUTION: Danger of breaking clipsNOTE: Unclip switches (4 clips) and remove toward inside4. Remove cover (1)NOTE: Unclip cover and remove toward outside5. Install in the reverse orderHope this helps.

How do you disable the power sliding door on a Ford Windstar so the doors can be used manually?

Turn the door switch located at the front of the overhead console to off.

How do you unfreeze a PS Vita?

You can't unfreeze it as such, the only thing you can do is hold the power button down for about 10-15 seconds, which will switch the console off and restart it.

Can you power a light switch power to switch then to light from a switch beside the one you want hot the switch that you want to take power from has the white as hot switch after light?

I can not understand your question.

What is the power slash economy switch to the left of the steering column for on a 2001 exterra?

it's gonna act like an overdrive. shortly after they placed it on the console with console shifters. it tells the car to run in a gear higher then required to save fuel, if in the economy position.

On a Suzuki xl7 what does at power mean?

The power button is for towing vehicles.

How do you get the power console to start in Ultimate Alliance 2?

You try your best...Try to use the power console and the card consoles!Hope I helped!

Why does 1993 Suzuki sidekick hesitates?

It does not have much power, a small 1.6 liter engine that only puts out 80 horsepower. The 4-door models have 4-speeds but the 2-doors only have 3-speeds. This may be why it "hesitates" or takes a bit to accelerate.

How do you fix a Chevy Lumina minivan electric power sliding door that stopped working after I had it jump started?

With the ignition switch off, turn the power door switch in the overhead console off, then open the glove box and find the fuse box. Remove the fuse labelled "tail" for 30 seconds then reinstall it. Then turn the switch for the power door on the overhead console back on and wait 10 more seconds. Then manually open the door all the way open (it may start working already). Finally close and latch the door. It should now operate normally.

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