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who was the president that declared Thanksgiving a holiday

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He pardons the turkey prior to Thanksgiving and then has a Thanksgiving feast to celebrate it.

George H W Bush was the first president to officially pardon a turkey at Thanksgiving in 1989.

The first U.S. President to pardon a turkey on Thanksgiving was President Truman. He pardoned the first bird in 1947.

In 1863, President Lincoln sent turkeys to the troops. The original thanksgiving is real, it just didn't consist of turkey, as many think.

It has become customary for the President to pardon a turkey at Thanksgiving and send it to a farm or zoo to live out its years.

In Turkey they don't celebrate thanksgiving.

no thanksgiving didnt come from turkey because thanksgiving is a holiday in USA

You do so because they ate turkey at the 1st Thanksgiving.

President Obama continued the custom of pardoning a turkey for 2012 on Nov. 21. in the Rose Garden . The spared bird was named Cobbler and went be sent to Mt. Vernon. (To pardon a turkey means that it will not be eaten for Thanksgiving. Every year the President of the United States pardons a turkey so that it will not be eaten that year.)

I do not think that this ever happened in the US. The turkey growers gave the president a prize turkey to eat at Thanksgiving and at first the president did just that or else gave the turkey to someone who would eat it. The idea of pardoning a turkey came much later and after the first turkey was pardoned, no president decided to kill one of the gift turkeys.

82% of the American homes have Turkey on Thanksgiving.

They eat turkeyAmericans traditionally eat Turkey on thanksgiving.

about 313,904,743 pounds of turkey per Thanksgiving

They DO celebrate Thanksgiving in Turkey. They celebrate the same way we do.

The President makes a Thanksgiving Proclamation every year. ( is a site for the 2014 proclamation.)In recent years, it has become customary for the National Turkey Federation to give the President a large turkey which he pardons and sends to a farm to live out its natural life.

George H. W Bush and all the presidents since have pardoned the turkeys they given for Thanksgiving. I think most of them ate some other turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.

No, because if they eat other turkey for Thanksgiving it would be like you eating other people.

Because the main dish on thanksgiving is well..... a turkey hahaha :)

They don't commemorate Thanksgiving anyway. It's not a memorable event for them.

Turkeys are eaten on Thanksgiving because the early colonists who had the first Thanksgiving mentioned eating turkey. The colonists celebrated the first Thanksgiving with the Wampanoag Indians.

Turkey is a bird of the new world. As thanksgiving was established, turkey was know to the newcomers.

We have turkey seasoning and fancy ovens and they did not. Also, turkeys today are raised on farms. The turkeys served at the first Thanksgiving were wild.

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