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The Purple Heart is an award given to those who were wounded by enemy fire in combat.

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to represent respect for those who served America

The original purple heart was an award for heroism. It was given out by George Washington during the Revolutionary War.

Age has nothing to do with award of the Purple Heart Medal.

No, the Purple Heart is awarded to an individual, not a group or entity.

The "original" Purple Heart was called the "Badge for Military Merit".

The Purple Heart Medal is a US military award given to any military person who was wounded by an enemy of the US during time of war.

The original Purple Heart award was given as a personal award by General George Washington during the American Revolution (1776-1783).

An Oak Leaf is a device for an award that is worn to indicate a second award of the same medal.A Purple Heart Medal with one Oak Leaf would mean that the wearer earned 2 Purple Heart Medals.

The purple heart is a high military award, and is awarded for being wounded in battle. My grandfather earned one.

Purple represents courage. The Purple Heart is awarded to members of the United States armed forces who have been wounded in action.

The Purple Heart Medal was created by General George Washington during the American Revolution 1776-1783.

All military service members can be awarded the Purple Heart Medal given they meet the criteria.

By being wounded or killed in combat.

it means you were wounded in war.

The Purple Heart was originally awarded for heroism during the Revolutionary War. George Washington had the award made and presented three of them.

Three men received the first Purple Hearts, presented to them on May 9, 1783. The men were all from Connecticut. These were Daniel Bissell, Elijah Churchill, and Daniel Brown.

George Washington, the man who created the award.

George Washington, who founded the award.

Most give the Purple Heart that accolade.

The Military Regulations pertaining to the award of the Purple Heart Medal specifically disallows the medal for PTSD.

No, the only President to have a purple heart was JFK. Monroe would have be given one if the award were given out to Revolutionary War soldiers.

The award was created by George Washington and the current design of the Purple Heart was designed by John R. Sinnock of the Philadelphia Mint in 1931.

The same as a purple heart award and ribbon. Wounded in combat. the tattoo may not be for the person with it but maybe a family member or friend.

The purple heart has great significance. It is given to members of the military who have been killed or wounded in battle and is the oldest award still given out.

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