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Q: What does the quote if money be not thy servant it will be thy master mean?
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What does Money is a good servant but a dangerous master mean?

Money is a good servant because it can get you almost anything you want, but a dangerous master, because money might become the most important thing in your life, and that you would do anything for it.

What does it mean by we have heard the chime at midnight master shallow?

shakespearian quote

What is the counter part of the word master?

servant i guess. unless you mean the female version which is mistress

What does this quote mean money money money?

I think its an abba song.......? It means you have an obsession with money xD

What does fire is a good servant but not a poor master mean?

Surely this is rhetorical. Fire can be useful but, if not treated with great care, it can do much harm. Am I missing something?!

What does better to be the poor servant of a poor master mean?

It is possible that what Homer means is that it is better to have knowledge and be poor because of it, then be a rich fool who knows nothing.

What does the quote no man is free who is not master of himself mean?

I think it means if you dont master yourself by learning self control you will become a slave to your vices but your milage may vary

What does civil servant mean?

A civil servant is a person who works for your Government.

What did being a indentured servant mean?

It meant that that you were a servant That worked on A Farm

What does migdalia mean?

to be a servant

In Esperanza Rising the quote Isabel had nothing but she also had everything Esperanza wanted what she had what does this quote mean?

It means that she is poor with money but rich as in family

What does servant in french mean?


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