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Actually, though the purple and pink candles are more common, there is a tradition that celebrates the advent season with gold, green, white, purple, and red candles. I'm not sure where this variation of the advent wreath originated, but I have seen it practiced in Baptist churches. In sequence the gold candle is for the prophets, the while candle is for the angels, the green candle is for the shepherds, the purple (sometimes a blue candle may be used) candle is for the magi, and the red candle is for the Savior.


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Advent is a seasons which begins on November 30 and ends on December 24 during which Christians mark as a time of waiting for the celebration of the Nativity of Christ. The red berries on the wreath represent the blood of Christ.

Red berries on an Advent Wreath symbolize Christ's blood.The red berries symbolise the blood shed by Christ for mankind.

There are, typically, 5 candles on an Advent Crown or Wreath. The four around the outside edge are red with a central candle being white. As each of the four Sundays in Advent are marked so each candle is lit and the central candle is only lit on Christmas Day. The first candle represents "Hope", the second God's "Peace", the third "Love" and the fourth "Joy". Obviously, the central candle reminds Christians that Jesus was born on Christmas Day. The Advent Crown or Wreath is significant in itself. During the period of Advent there are no flowers decorating the church but there is the Crown or Wreath made up of a circle of evergreen plants such as Holly and Ivy. The evergreen and circular nature of the Crown/Wreath reminds us that God does not change and the Holly is also a symbol of the Crown of Thorns that Jesus wore when He was crucified.

In the Catholic Church (The Church Christ Insititued) we use 3 purple and 1 pink candle, pink being the 3rd candle to be lit.IMPROVED ANSWER:In most Christian Churches, that celebrate advent they use candles the color of red.NEXT IMPROVED ANSWER:Advent is the season that marks the beginning of the Christian Church Year. The term comes from the Latin word adventus, which means coming or arrival. The season is thus one of preparation for the celebration of the feast of the Nativity of Jesus Christ on Christmas Day.The majority of Christian Churches, that celebrate advent use candles the color of red along with their advent wreath.

Traditionally the Advent wreath is made of four purple (sometimes blue) candles around an evergreen wreath with one white candle in the middle. One purple candle is lit each week of Advent and symbolizes a different theme: expectation, hope, purity and joy, in that order. The first week, only one is lit. The second week, the first and second are lit, and so on. The center candle, known as the "Christ Candle," is lit Christmas Eve & Christmas Day as a celebration of Jesus as the light of the world. In some churches, the Joy candle may be red or pink. And in all churches, the wreath itself, always evergreen, is a perfect circle and a symbol of God's everlasting love.

The Tradition color is red but you can use white.

There are four candles in the wreath itself - 3 violet (purple) and 1 rose. These are lit one at a time for each of the 4 weeks of advent. The purple links to the liturgical colour of advent. The pink candle is lit on the 3rd Sunday of Advent and represents joyful anticipation of the coming of Jesus.There is an additional candle added to the centre of the wreath at Christmas time (which can be red or white). This is lit at Christmas, symbolising the coming of the Light of the World.The wreath is very simple in design and readily assembled. All you need for materials are evergreen swigs, whatever variety you have available, usually fir or spruce, a 4-candle holder in a wreath shape, and 4 candles, 3 of purple and 1 of rose or pink, 1 each for the four weeks of Advent. The holder can be placed in a shallow platter containing some water. Place the candles in the holder securely, then drape the boughs of fir around the holder, twining and interlacing them. The water should be only enough to keep the underside of the greens fresh. The wreath should be placed on a suitable table set aside for this purpose and which has been draped with a pretty cloth, usually white, lace of plain. This all there is to the assembly. Advent is a season penance, but we live in a celebratory culture where the Christmas festivities begin almost Thanksgiving evening. Since traditional Catholics generally do not put up the family tree until just before Christmas, they sometimes add some decoration to the wreath in Advent colors, which are purple for penance and rose-pink for the third week, which begins with Gaudete Sunday, when flowers are permitted on the altar, for this once during Advent. The spirit of penance during Advent is not the same as that for Lent and some joy is permitted. Gaudete means "rejoice" and takes its name from the first word of the Introit for that Sunday. There is but one week to go and soonKing's birthday shall arrive. These decorations may be little colored balls, ribbons or berries. Most families keep the wreath plain. Below are two wreaths, one of each kind: the first with the candle ring of brass without greens. That is about some candles.AnswerThe Advent Wreath is composed of three violet candles and one rose candle. There is NO white candle, the Advent wreath is for Advent, the white candle for Christmas is a mistake by liturgists who do not understand that the Advent wreath is to mark preparation for the Lord, and when He arrives, we are no longer preparing, He is already here.

The green advent candle represents the shepherds. Usually, two types of advent wreaths are done. One is with the three purple candles and one pink candle with a white candle in the center. The other one has one gold, white, green, and red or purple candle. The gold represents prophecy. The white represents angles. The green represents shepherds and the red represents the wise men. There's a white candle in the center which represents Jesus.

A red candle, or a candle with a red glass cover, called the "presence candle" is used in the sanctuary to represent the presence of the Holy Spirit, it is usually never extinguished.

The red candle and the cardinal direction South represent the Element of Fire.

It represents jesus dying because the red colour is his blood.

The third Advent candle is rose (which is close to pink in color, but is most definitely not pink, there are no red candles, red is reserved for vestments on the feasts of maryrs) because it represents Gaudete Sunday and it's rose because this indicates Joy, as we are nearing the nativity of Our Blessed Savior, and the penance, indicated by the Violet candles, is mitigated this week.

First off, it's not called an advent tree, they are the advent candles. Second off, there are 4 to 5 of them, not 3. The 4 purple or red ones are representing the 4 weeks counting down to the birth of the Christ child. The 5th optional candle is a large white candle in the center that represents that Christ has come.

a red candle because the coluring of a red candle is thiner than a white

the red candle will burn faster then the white candle because the red candle has more wax in it and the air causes it to go to the fire and it melts more meme

it means God is present

the same way we do just with different food. alot of times they have a wreath with four red candles and every Sunday before Christmas a red candle will be lit. but mostly they spend it the same way no rituals or anything.

pine leaves off a Christmas tree, holly leaves, red berries off holly leaves, 3 purple candles, 1 white candle, 1 pink candle, gold decorations e.g gold (but plastic) flowers and ribbons, sometimes a bow at the top or bottom of it, garden wire to keep it all together and you can use a hanger as the template (but keep the hanger there obviously). basically all evergreen plants can be used.

because thae red candle has chemicals

The blood shed by the African ancestors of African-Americans in the United States of America is represented by the red candle in Kwanzaa. There are two other colors of candles. One is black, for African racial groups. The other is green, for hope.

yes the red candle will burn faster because if you color on you self with a red and white marker then if you try to wash it off the red marker will come off first. There is your answer.

A candle stands out in the dark, so in the same way Christians should stand out differently in this dark world. In theological and Biblical terms, the fire of the candle represents the Holy Spirit and the light as it reflects is Jesus being the light and the way. The wax is sometimes seen as the body of Christ or as God. The red candle especially represents the blood of Christ and the wax, the body of Christ. In different Christian denominations candles express forms of the Trinity, advents, reflections for prayer, and for many who meditate in Christianity, the candle is the the wax, flame, and light's reflection represents God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. Different colors of the candle can change the meaning. For instance in the Advent, the white candle is called the Christs Candle and is lit on Christmas Eve. Many Christians often light a candle to pray and then keep it lit to represent Jesus "at their table,"guarding their home," etc. In response to the loss of a loved one a candle can be lit in the home or upon a window sill to honor and to represent your hope that they find the light into God's arms. The candle can be very metaphorical in Christianity and very purposeful, dependent upon the denomination and/or the person. Also, there are many different interpretations and they often depend on context. The most common meaning of a candle in metaphor is simply as a source of light, or goodness, and for the Christian the lit candle can symbolize Jesus, the Light of the World.

You use the star things and throw it at the flame on the candle

it depends on the type of wax used, not the color

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