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Any time you see something red in The Sixth Sense there is about to be some sort of interaction with a ghost.

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What does a red scarf tied to a doorknob mean?

Hanging a scarf, tie or any noticeable item of clothing means the person/people inside the room does not want to be disturbed.

What did the color red symbolize in the sixth sense?

Where death or something associated w/ death or dead people are red is present.

Who is Bruce willis?

Bruce Willis is an actor. He played in the recent movie RED (Retired Extremely Dangerous) and Sixth Sense.

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What is the duration of The Red Sense?

The duration of The Red Sense is 1.33 hours.

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What is the use of red in another work of literature?

Don't know what work you're referring to here but some examples of Red being use in work of literature:The sixth sense: association with psychic and violent eventsThe village: a forbidden designation of very potent intent.The lady in Red: obsessive lustRed Badge of courage: terrible but honourable distinction.I invite others to continue this list

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Rev ch 6 v12, the opening of the sixth seal, the sun goes black and the moon red.

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