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I think it's telling you there is a possible problem with the auto-box.Corsa's are like this,so I'm guessing Astra is the same. The "S" should light up when you press the sport button on the gear selector,this causes the intermediate gears to hold on longer for accelleration or hillclimbing with a caravan on the back.You could try cycling the "S" button to see if it helps,though I think it cancels anyway with ign off. The "S" symbol flashes to alert you to a problem,it may require no more than a computer reset.The gearbox is checked for faults with a diagnostic kit,same as the engine.Hopefully,a short visit to a dealer will solve it for you.

We had the same problem with a 1995 Asta - I plugged the scanner in and cleared all the codes and the light no longer flashes, so your answer seems perfectly correct!

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What does the dashboard symbol of engine on vauxhall agila mean?

What does eps mean on dashboard of an agila

What does a flashing d mean?

A flashing D symbol o the dashboard referencing the transmission computer. Something is malfunction on the transmission and needs to be checked.

What are the dashboard warning lights for 2007 Toyota Avalon?

red flashing light that is car symbol what is it for

What is this dashboard symbol?

A small yellow symbol lit up on my dashboard, is it the transmission light?

Symbol on your dashboard lite up on your Volvo s40 1.8i?

I am assuming you need to know what a dashboard symbol means. What does the symbol look like?

Symbols on a dashboard?

Thunderbolt symbol

What is the meaning of K symbol in the dashboard?


What is the meaning of P symbol in dashboard?

Park gear

What does the symbol in the dashboard in a car mean?

door locks

What does the symbol with car and a spanner going through it on a vauxhall astra dashboard mean?

Alot of people think It means your car is due for service. It is not. It means there is an electrical fault in either the fuel filter, immobilizer system or other engine electricals. Vauxhall dealer trip required so they can hook it upto a tech 2 reader

What does the thunderbolt symbol on your dashboard mean?

do you mean a lightening bolt symbol? Seems to be an electrical indicator.

What does a symbol on a Chevy Impala dashboard mean?

its an impala which is an animal

What does the Nissan centra flashing car symbol mean?

Death and disease.

What is the symbol for critical angle?

A red flashing light with an angle next to it.

What does the snowflake button mean in a vauxhall astra?

The snowflake is the standard symbol for airconditioning.

VW Golf 2003 dashboard warning light is red similar to a sailboat symbol What does this mean?

Vw jetta 2000 dashboard warning light is red similar to a sailboat symbol. What does this mean?

What does an illuminated car symbol mean on the dashboard of a peugeot 307?

An illuminated car symbol on the dashboard of a Peugeot 307 is the open door warning. Indication that one or more doors are not closed properly.

What is a symbol for fun?

I don't think there is a symbol for "fun".But the closest i can think of is the word fun in a glowing, glitter, or flashing form.

What does the upsidedown horseshoe symbol on the dashboard with a exclamation point in it mean when it comes on the dashboard of a 2013 Chevy spark?

You have a tire low on air.

What does it mean when spanner symbol is flashing on your Renault megane?

Its due a Service , or there is a problem

Is it illegal to enter a crosswalk when the red hand is flashing?

It is illegal. In many places, instead of the flashing red hand, there is a flashing "Don't Walk" sign, specifically for the purpose of re-enforcing that a pedestrian may not cross the flashing red light. There is a pedestrian symbol for a reason.

What symbol to use when raining on dashboard?

Are you asking a serious question? Have you a windscreen with this vehicle?

What do the dashboard gauge symbols mean on the 1997 Chevy Cavalier?

alternater symbol

What does the wrench symbol on 2008 VW Jetta dashboard mean?

oil change

What is the 2010 Toyota Corolla dashboard symbol with an exclamation mark?

Low tire