Vauxhall Astra

What does the red flashing s symbol on the dashboard of your vauxhall astra automatic 1996 mean?

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2010-03-10 10:26:03

I think it's telling you there is a possible problem with the

auto-box.Corsa's are like this,so I'm guessing Astra is the same.

The "S" should light up when you press the sport button on the gear

selector,this causes the intermediate gears to hold on longer for

accelleration or hillclimbing with a caravan on the back.You could

try cycling the "S" button to see if it helps,though I think it

cancels anyway with ign off. The "S" symbol flashes to alert you to

a problem,it may require no more than a computer reset.The gearbox

is checked for faults with a diagnostic kit,same as the

engine.Hopefully,a short visit to a dealer will solve it for


We had the same problem with a 1995 Asta - I plugged the scanner

in and cleared all the codes and the light no longer flashes, so

your answer seems perfectly correct!

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