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Q: What does the red indicator light at the base of your gear shift on a 1993 Honda Accord do?
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What does the green light with a S indicator mean on the dash of a 1990 Honda Accord?

Sport. It changes the shift pattern of the automatic transmission. You can turn this on or off.

1986 Honda Accord 4 speed auto will not shift?

my Honda accord has auto 4 speed that will not shift

How do you replace the gear shift soniold on 1998 Honda Accord?

i have a 1998 honda accord the gear shift is locked...

How do you replace shift indicator light 2003 Escalade?

how do you replace shift indicator light escalade 2003

Where is the shift sensor on a 2000 Honda accord 2.3l v-tec?

The shift sensor on a 2000 Honda accord 2.3l v-tec is on the driver side.

Where is the Transmission Shift Solenoid located at on a 1991 Honda Accord LX?

How do I troubleshooting the D4 blinking on 1993 Honda accord LX ?

Where is the backup light switch on a '92 Honda Accord?

it's a function of the shift-position sensor switch (automatic) which is in the center console.

Are all Honda Accord coupe stick shift?

No not all coupes ate stick shift I have a 1992 accord coupe it was auto until I swapped it out to a stick shift

Where is the flasher located at in the 1989 Honda Accord?

The flasher for the 1989 Honda accord is located above the steering column. To activate it shift it to the right.

What does the green s light in the 91 Honda accord instrument cluster signify?

Upshift, it will light up at the most efficient shift point for fuel economy.

Shift indicator light?

The shift indicator light is used by some vehicles to notify the driver when to manually shift gears. They are commonly used in race applications where maximum performance is required.

What does the green S indicator light mean on a 1991 Honda Accord?

It is the Sport Mode for the transmission which charges the shift points. You may have inadvertently turned it on. Should be a button on the shifter to turn it off. Now if you cannot turn it off, it indicates a problem with the transmission.

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