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The red room in Jane Eyre can represent a lot of things but it is used more as a way of preparing the reader for themes of the book.

The red room shows Jane Eyre as a Gothic Novel as it has many gothic descriptions such as the old furniture in the room , the ghosts and the fact Mr Reed died in that room. The room is also used as a symbol of Jane's confinement at Gateshead, she is trapped there and longs to leave. The red room is also often associated with hell, the colour red, she can't get out, associated with death, ghosts, it's a punishment etc. One of the most important uses of the red room is how it links Jane with Bertha from later on it the book and causes the reader to sympathize with Bertha as maybe it was not her fault she was locked up.

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Q: What does the red room in Jane Eyre represent?
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The red room in Jane Eyre?

The red room is Jane Eyre's uncle's room, who is dead. Once she was locked in there, being punished for "bad behaviour".

In the book Jane Eyre what happens in the red-room?

ilove you darling

How is Jane Eyre portrayed in Charlotte Bronte's 'Jane Eyre'?

Jane is passionate, [portrayed through the colour red] strong sense of justice "..Unjust! Unjust!.." when she is put in the red room and loving when she meets mr Rochester

Why was Jane Eyre locked in the red room?

John Reed had hit Jane for reading his book (as Jane Eyre is a dependent according to him and shouldn't be reading their books ) and as a punishment he threw that book at her which caused her to have a cut on her head. In that anger Jane hit John and Mrs.Reed was agitated by her action and locked her up inside the red room.

Childhood of Jane Eyre?

The childhood of Jane Eyre was to her very depressing, violent and unfair. She was consistently beaten by John Reed and put in the red-room. her aunt, Ms. Reed always insulted Jane by telling her that she is ugly and did not treat her fairly.

What chapter does the red room take place in the book Jane Eyre?

the second one I believe

What did Jane Eyre see in the red room?

Jane Eyre saw a moving light which came through the window. She first thought that it was the moonlight and then soon remembered that moonlight was still and this light moved; which made her scared.

Why was Jane Eyre locked in the red-room?

She didn't do anything but John Reed hates her so he decides to tell on her. He lies to Mrs. Reed, saying that Jane hurt him. So Mrs. Reed comes and asks Bessie to lock her in the red-room for hurting John Reed.

Did Jane Eyre believe in ghosts?

Yes she did. When she was little and she was closed in the red room she thought her uncle's ghost was there, and later, when she was living wih Mr. Rochester she thought that there was a ghost in there, making noise...

How is Jane Eyres social position used against her chapter 1?

In chapter 1, Jane Eyre is a poor orphan living with her relatively wealthy aunt and cousins. Both Mrs. Reed and John Reed are abusive towards Jane; Mrs. Reed always takes Johnâ??s side when there is an incident. When John attacks Jane in the first chapter, Mrs. Reed sends Jane to the haunted red room where Jane faints after hallucinating and seeing an apparition.

Why is Jane so terrified when shes in the red room?

because it is the room in which Mr. Reed died

Why is Jane so terrified when she is placed in the red-room?

because it is the room in which Mr. Reed died

What does the green room represent in The Masque of Red Death?

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How does Jane Eyre show strength?

Jane Eyre shows her strength and bravery in many chapters. Starting from the first chapter to the end. Since the Red Room incident until she finally reunites with Mr.Rochester. Jane's life was full of ups and downs. She suffered alone during her childhood and then suffered at Lowood with all the hardships she had to face since it was a charity school. She faced all the situations very bravely and with a positive attitude.Note: To understand the different incidents and situations Jane had to face, one must read the book. The incidents are to detailed and this answer is just a mere summary of how she faced them.

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