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What does the root sequ mean?


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Sequ or Sekw are Latin root words that mean "to follow".


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A root word for sequ is obsequious and obsequy.

To follow; such as sequence, or consecutive.

I'm not for sure but sequence.

sequal, sequence, sequare-measurement, sequoia-National park

Sequel, sequence, sequential and sequester are words. They begin with the letters SEQU.

The Latin sequi means 'to follow', giving us sequence, sequential, consequence et al.

The syllable sequ- is the root of the English language word 'sequence'. The Latin root means 'to follow' in English. One of its Latin language derivatives is the infinitive 'sequi', which also translates as 'to follow'.

sequal, sequin, sequester, sequence

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By itself, not much :-) sequi = to follow sequor = I follow sequitur = he, she, it follows "non sequitur," a Latin phrase used in English, means "it does not follow." The phrase mean that a statement is illogical, that it doesn't follow from what was stated before.

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