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They give the money to people who need it most. It goes to their bank in the church and then they use the money to get supplies to give to the homeless and the people who really need it!

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How does salvation army get their finance from?

The Salvation Army get this finance from people who donate money to them

What does the Salvation Army do at Christmas?

They ring bells and collect money in front of stores before Christmas. They help homeless people.

Is it true that Target will not allow the salvation army or the marines or veterans to collect at their stores?

Yes its True target will not allow The Salvation Army to stand their stores.

How can you help the salvation army?

joining their church . donating money. going to events at your local salvation army centre

Does United States receive Salvation Army money?

No. The Salvation Army may receive some grant funds to help people, but the country does not get money from this group.

Where does the Salvation Army get their money from?

They get it from donations, large and small. (Ring a bell?)

How do you use beggar in a sentence?

The dog sat under the dinner table, and behaved like a beggar by whimpering for food. The Salvation Army buckets collect money, and no worker is called a beggar.

How much money does the salvation army use of the money they raise?

They all share it some goes to the nurses some goes to the equitment well to buy the eqipment it all goes to help the salvation army

What is the full name of the Salvation Army?

The Salvation Army's website refers to itself as "The Salvation Army" or the full name is "National Salvation Army."

How much is salvation army worth?

ITS WORTH OVER 2 BILLION!!! The money they collect around the holidays goes yo overhead. 93 cents of every dollar supposedly goes to helping out.

When can you join the salvation army?

There is no restriction on joining the Salvation Army.

Where can you donate crutches?

Salvation Army will take them and money for the sale goes to the charity.

Is the CEO of the Salvation army a member of the salvation army?

Yes. The CEO is General Brian Peddle and he is part of The Salvation Army.

What are the salvation army doing about the floods in Cumbria?

Over 311 Morrison's stores have raised money for the salvation army and raised nearly £150,0000- that is about £500 per store! The Salvation Army used that money to buy food which went to the people who have been affected by the floods, they are also opening mobile canteens, food, bedding and clothing.

How does the movement operate in salvation army?

how does the movement operate in salvation army?

What did the Beatles do with the salvation army?

Strawberry Field was a Salvation Army station in Liverpool

Does catholic church receive monies from salvation army?

No, the salvation army does not donate to it.

What religion is traditionally associated with the salvation army?

The Salvation Army is a Christian organization.

Which religion is the Salvation Army follow?

William Booth was the founder of the Salvation Army and he was a Methodist. Although the Salvation Army is its own religion. We are called Salvationists.

When did the Salvation Army begin?

The Salvation army was originally known as the Christian Mission, the name was changed to Salvation Army in 1864 . It was founded by William and Catherine Booth.

What is salvation army?

the salvation army is a org. that helps the needy families, homeless, and the elderly

When was the salvation army founded?

The Salvation Army was founded by William and Catherine Booth in 1865.

How many countries do the salvation army serve?

The Salvation Army serves in about 118 countries

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