What does the saying 'Would you prefer to cut the cards' when playing cards mean?

Usually when you are playing cards, the person who is dealing will offer the person to his right a chance to cut the cards, meaning to re-order them by taking a portion of them off the top of the deck and placing them on the bottom. This is a tradition related to the prevention of cheating. Some people are very good at stacking cards, and the cut is offered to make sure that things are fair. It isn't always as polite as "would you prefer to cut the cards?" Sometimes it is just "wanna cut?" Either way, the offer is being made for you to re-order the cards. You can refuse and let the deal stand as is, or you can remove the top of the deck (however many cards you want) and place it on the table. That's the cut, and the dealer will then make what you removed the bottom of the stack, and proceed to deal. If you would like further information, there is an article about cutting cards here:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cut_(playing_cards)