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It's a message of hope: It means that God will listen and act on what you say.

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Q: What does the saying 'From your mouth to God's ears' mean?
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What does it mean when you puke in your mouth?

it came out my ears

What does the old world saying Slap your ears back mean?

I have never heard the saying, "Slap your ears back." However, I have heard of 2 others that are similar. "Pin once's ears back" means get ready to move or act quickly and decisively. "Box your ears" is a threat to hit someone in the face or head.

What does your voice is music to my ears mean?

it's a metaphor. it's saying that the person likes the sound of their voice.

What does elephant goo mean?

When you mouth it, it looks like your saying 'I love you' to other people.

Are the gods still alive now?

I am just saying you should pray to them but you don't have to I mean its your choice

What does 'read my lips' mean?

It means look at my mouth and pay attention to what I am saying.

What did enlil mean by saying before this you were just a a man but now you and your wife shall be gods?

because from that moment they began to carry the mark of the gods, made in his image and likeness

What does the idiom running off at the mouth mean?

It means to talk a lot without saying anything of value.

What does the Afrikaans saying 'eimand deur die ore te werk' mean?

Literally: To work someone through their ears.

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she is trying to get the bug off of your face wile she is using her mouth.AnswerShe is saying goodnight.

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it means your shocked or your saying "oh!" the semicolon is the eyes and the O is the mouth

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Well some people have the tendency to spit when they talk and when you " Say It Don't Spray it" You're basically saying keep your saliva in your mouth when you talk

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Either you mean months and the answer is 36. Or You mean ears and it is some strange riddle based on the fact that a normal person has one mouth and two ears (although Davy Crockett famously had three - his wild front ear!) Or You have concatenated two unrelated questions together.

What does Mouth to mouth mean?

It's short-hand for mouth to mouth resuscitation.

What does it mean when in your dream a bee flies in your mouth?

What does it mean when a bee is in your mouth

What does ohren mean?


What does putting words in your mouth mean?

It means that someone is saying something that you never said, or that you would not say, and claiming you either said it or that you would say it.

What does it mean when your donkeys ears are pointed up?

It means they are alert. listening. or paying attention. (if the ears are forward) If the ears are pointed back it can mean irritation or anger or fear.

What does Allah faziz mean?

ALLAH HAFIZ NOT ALLAH FAZIZ! May be you want to ask that what is meant by ALLAH HAFIZ, which mean that Gods will be with you, or God Be with you! its musloms way of saying GOOD BYE! ALLAH HAFIZ!

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no. it is just how theie ears usually are!!!

What does it mean when cats have yellow on their ears?

it means they are cats with yellow stuff on their ears.

What does earless mean?

Earless means without ears.

Meaning of hot ears?

There are 2 most common causes of hot or red ears. Having hot ears can mean that you have a fever and it can also mean that your blood pressure is elevated.

What god is the god that believed in only one god?

First off, your question is a little bit odd -- gods didn't believe in gods, they were gods. It's like saying that you don't believe in humans. Now, if you mean what was it called when someone believed in only one god, that's called monotheism. Believing in multiple gods is called polytheism.

What responsibilities do you have since you were created in gods image and likeness?

To uphold the glory of God by saying that I mean live by the Ten Commandments and bring honour and glory to his glorious name