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The scientific name of an organism consists of the genus name and the scientific name. The genus name is capitalized, and the whole name is italicized. An example of a scientific name is Felis catus which is the scientific name of a domestic cat.

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Lichens do not have a scientific name because they are not a single organism. They usually consist of a fungus and an algae.

The scientific binomial name of an organism consists of its genus and species name. For example: homo sapien is from the genus "homo" and is the species "sapien."

The scientific name of an organism both indicates exactly what organism is being referred to, and the evolutionary characteristics of that organism.

It is the scientific name of the wolf

Each organism has a unique scientific name. They might physically look similar - but their scientific name identifies the individual organism.

Yes, every organism has a two part scientific name.

Yogurt is not a living organism, and hence has no scientific name

A lot of information can be linked to a scientific name, but principally the scientific name will tell you what genus an organism is in, and which species in that genus the organism represents.

Scientific name is the official name given to an organism on the basis of their characteristics. Scientific names are also known as Nomenclature. Their are normally written in bold italic language.

What I can conclude about the classification taxa of an organism with the scientific name "Rana temporaria" is

The scientific name of an organism consists of the name of the genus and species that it belongs to. The scientific name for a mosquito is Culiseta longiareolata.

they take it and they name it by the kind

Because the scientific name is the best way of identifying it. A common name does not, as a scientific one does, give the evolutionary background of an organism. Knowing its scientific name not only universally identifies it, it gives a tremendous amount of information about it.

It depends on the organism, but the name for the current naming system is called Binomial Nomenclature.

The scientific name provides the genus and species of a certain living organism. This is how they are classified.

Card board is not organism .

it depends on the organism that need to bi named.

An organism's scientific name tell us what genus it is, and the second word tells us something about the organism like how it looks, or who found it.

The scientific name of an organism is always two words, the first being the organisms genus and the second is the organisms species. The genus name is always capitalized, while the species name is not.

The first name is the "genus" and the second is the "species".

There is no causal organism. Polio is caused by polioviruses. Viruses are not considered a living organism.

Organism is a scientific word.

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