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What is the verb form of laughter?

The verb form of laugher is laugh.Other verbs are laughs, laughing and laughed."I will laugh in your face"."We were laughing all night"."The audience laughed at the comedian".

A sentence with laughed?

He laughed as I came to the joke's punchline.

Can you give a sentence using laughed?

i laughed 4 times when i was bored.

What tense is the verb in the sentence 'the class laughed loudly?

The verb laughed is past. The sentence is past simple.

How do you use diabolically in a sentence?

He laughed diabolically.

How do you put snorted in a sentence?

She snorted when she laughed.

How do you use unenthusiastically in a sentence?

The crowd laughed unenthusiastically at the bad joke the man gave.My sister laughed unenthusiastically at me.

How do you use jeeringly in sentence?

My taunter laughed jeeringly at me.

What is a good sentence with the word heartily?

She laughed full heartily at the party. There, there is a good sentence

Can You give me a sentence for Jordana's Dumb?

Example sentence - We laughed at Jordana's dumb brother.

How do you use veteran in a sentence?

The veteran laughed at the new recruits.

Can you give an example sentence using scornfully?

He laughed at him scornfully.

Is the sentence you made me laughed correct?

It should be 'you made me laugh'

What are examples of climactic sentence?

She ate with him, danced with him, laughed with him, died with him.

Is became a verb why not or why?

yes It conveys a kind of action or change in a sentence. Example: "I became bigger." Became is what happened to me. It's like 'laughed' in "I laughed longer." where laughed is more obviously a verb.

Chastise in a sentence?

When my sister laughed at my hair, I waited for my mother to chastise her.

A sentence with funnily in it?

the boy thoght the girl laughed very funnily

Make a sentence with indifference and heartily?

I laughed full heartily at the party.

How do you use the word laugh in a sentence?

The joke made Ben laugh. Erin did not understand the joke, so she did not laugh. June did not understand the joke either, but she laughed because Ben laughed. That is why Edith laughed at June.

Fiendish in a sentence?

I fiendishly laughed at Rachel while she was singing her favorite song.

What is an example of a sentence with a personitification?

The wind whistled. The trees danced. The water laughed.

Sentence with JOVIALLY used in it?

The good-hearted carolers sang and laughed jovially.

Use the word captain in a sentence?

The captain laughed with glee for they had reached their destination

How do you use the word hysterically in a sentence?

"She Laughed Hysterically When Her Husband Fell Out if His Seat."

How do you use the word Jovially in a sentence?

Santa held his stomache as he laughed jovially.