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  • Cream pie refers to semen leaking back out of the vagina or anus into which it was ejaculated.
  • This is the act of which the male as his about to ejaculate removes his penis from the vagina but leaving the tip of the penis still inside the female vagina. As he is ejaculating the semen will drip outside the vagina and will not go all the way inside as its supposed to. The cream refers to the semen while the pie refers to the lips of the vagina.
  • A simpler definition is that it is a Vagina with an ejaculation in it.
  • It's not for a first sexual experience or the faint of heart. Cream Pie Sex is when you have anal sex and ejaculate in the rectum. It is risky to go in there with out a condom sometimes.
  • Ejaculation inside the partner's vagina or anus without the use of a condom.
  • when the male ejaculates inside the vagina or anus, when the semen drips out its a creampie
  • A cream pie is a term for when a man ejaculates inside a woman and the semen runs out of her vagina or anus depending on whether they're having anal or "natural" sex.
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