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Instantaneous acceleration.

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What type speed is represented by a constant slope on a distance-time graph?

The slope (technically, the slope of the tangent at each point) of a distance-time graph gives the instantaneous velocity. Therefore, if the graph has a constant slope - i.e. it is a straight line - then that indicates a constant velocity (zero acceleration).

What does the slope of a distance-versus-time graph show you about the motion of an object?

The slope of a distance versus time graph provides the instantaneous speed of an object. If data from this graph is then used to construct a speed versus time graph, the slope of that graph would provide the instantaneous acceleration.

Does the slope of a position time graph represent average velocity or rate of change of velocity?

The tangent at a point on the position-time graph represents the instantaneous velocity. 1. The tangent is the instantaneous slope. 2. Rather than "average" velocity, the slope gives you "instantaneous" velocity. The average of the instantaneous gives you average velocity.

Slope of a displacement time graph?

It is the instantaneous speed in the direction in which the displacement is measured.

The slope of velocity versus time graph gives?

If your graph shows velocity on the vertical axis and time on the horizontal axis, then the slope of the graph represents the acceleration. More specifically, the slope of the graph at a specific point represents the acceleration at that instantaneous point in time. So if the slope of the graph doesn't change (i.e. the graph is a straight line), then the acceleration is constant and doesn't change over time. In calculus, this is represented as the derivative: The derivative of velocity with respect to time equals the acceleration.

What does the slope of a tangent to a velocity time graph measure?

Instantaneous acceleration... Slope of the tangent to a velocity time graph at any point is of the form velocity/time=acceleration.

How is declaration represented on a velocity time graph?

Deceleration (negative acceleration) is represented by a negative slope on a velocity-time graph.

On a speed time graph the slope measurses acceleration?

Yes it does. Better call it instantaneous acceleration.

What does a distance time graph show?

A distance-time graph shows the movement of an object with respect to time. The average slope between any two points on the graph is equal to the average velocity of the object between those two points. The instantaneous slope (or derivative) at a point on the graph is equal to the instantaneous velocity of the object at that point.

What is the importance of uniform acceleration graph in physics what is instantaneous velocity?

The slope of a velocity-time graph that shows uniform acceleration is the actual acceleration. Instantaneous velocity is the velocity of a body at a particular moment in time.

What quantity is represented by the slope in a velocity-versus-time graph?

The slope of a velocity-versus-time graph represents the acceleration of the object.

How is deceleration represented on a velocity per time graph?

It shows up as a part of the graph where its slope is negative.

How would you obtain the acceleration of an object from a velocity time graph?

The average acceleration can be obtained by finding the slope of the graph. The instantaneous acceleration is found by drawing a tangent to a particular point on the graph (instant) and finding the slope of than tangent.

What does the slope of velocity time graph indicate?

The acceleration. If the slope is only at a certain point then it's instantaneous acceleration and if the slope is made from two points then it's an average acceleration.

Velocity is represented graphically by what?

Velocity is the slope of the line on a D-t graph

How is decelaration represented on a velocity time graph?

just like direct proportionality and make negative slope in graph

How is deceleration represented on a velocity or time graph?

a negative slope this is for my e2020 home boyz

How is deceleration represented on velocity time graph?

Constant line with slope = acceleration Deceleration means the slope is negative\ (higher on the left\)

How is instantaneous acceleration related to a velocity-time graph?

Acceleration is the derivative of velocity (a=dv/dt). If you are not familiar with calculus then it would be sufficient to say that the slope of the line tangent to the graph, only touches at one point, is equal to the instantaneous acceleration.

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