What does the song viva la vida mean?

The title means long live life.

As far as the meaning of the lyrics, I'm lead to believe that it regards King Saul in the Bible. "I hear Jerusalem bells ringing Roman calvary choirs are singing." Also, in "It was the wicked and the wild wind that blew down the doors to let me in shattered windows and the sound of drums people couldn't believe what I'd become revolutionaries wait for my head on a silver plate just a puppet on a lonely string, oh who would ever wanna be king," it refers to the time when King Saul and his people walked around the walls of Jerusalem (the Promised Land) and then on the seventh day, winds blew it down (God). In the end, no one likes king saul so in the song he is like I don't want to be king. God didn't like him either so it said, "I know saint peter won't call my name" (gates of Heaven.