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it's how you spell the letter 'y'.

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Q: What does the spanish phrase i griega mean?
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What does spanish word griega mean?

the femenine version for the word greek. ex: la sociedad griega - the greek society

What does the Italian word griega mean?

Griega is not an Italian word. It is a Spanish word, the feminized version of the word greek. The masculine version is griego. In Italian: griega is greca and griego is greco.

How do you say Greek food in Spanish?

comida griega

What does ee gree eh ga mean in Spanish?

I think you mean to say "i griega" which in English is "greek letter i" AKA the letter "Y"

How do you say the letter y in spanish?

Actually, the letter y is pronounced i griega in the spanish language

How do you spell Ryan in Spanish?

R ( Ere) , Y (i griega ), A ( a ), N ( ene)

How do you say i am greek in spanish?

Soy griego/a (I am greek) Use griega if you are a female

What does ''i'' mean in Spanish?

"I" is just the letter of the alphabet. "Y" by itself means "and". They sound the same in Spanish, an "ee" sound. "Y" is called "y griega", or "the greek I". "I" is sometimes referred to as "I latina", or "the latin I". I'm very sure he meant what the singular personal pronoun "I", like in the phrase "I like pizza". The Spanish word for "I" is "yo".

How do you spell 'dummy' according to the Spanish alphabet?

de, u, eme, eme, i griega

How many vowels are there in spanish?

There are 5 vowels Possibly 6, if you include 'y' (y griega)

How do you say Is it near y in Spanish?

Do you mean "near-by"? that is "Está cerca." Do you mean "nearly?" that is "Es casi" or "está casi." If you really mean "near y", that is "está cerca de la i griega." Hmmm.......

What letter in the English alphabet is igriega?

There's no such letter in English. ANSWER: I griega is the Spanish word for the letter "Y".

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