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Economics is the study of wealth and its distribution.


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Because Economics is a Study of Body of Knowledge.

why is the study of economics an important exercise

The concepts that should be remembered to understand why economics as a field of study exists include production, demand and supply, economic system, the role of the government, and business cycles.

but the study of economics dates back only a few hundred years.

In economics you will study how to work in the financial districts and learn how to manage money.

Economics is the study of how society manages its scarce resources therefore, the study of economics is only important because of the scarcity of resources. Higenyi

Yes, Economics is the study of scarcity and choice.

micro economics is that branch of economics which study about individuals, households and firms whereas macro economics is a study of whole economy.

Some of the majors available for study at Oxford University include biomedical science, chemistry, economics, fine arts, and history.

there is no difference between them. In both cources , you have to study the same things. applied economics includes some more study than general economics.

economics mainly deals with the production ,consumption,income, employment etc . thus we can say economics is the study of all economic activities say for from production to consumption.or it is study of business of life...........

What led to the emergency of managerial economics as a separate field of study

"Economics is the study of how people relate to each other" is a statement that does not define economics.

The study of inflation is part of economics

Labor is work done for wages. Labor economics is the study of the economics surrounding labor. Researchers may study what choices affect the decisions concerning labor.

Economics is the study of how we produce, distribute and consume goods and services in our economy.

Anthropology is the study of past human species. While economics is the study of the economy. Actually, anthropology is the study of humans, including our ancestry and culture. Economics is the study of the economy, but more generally it is the study of how people make choices about how to use resources when those resources are limited. In that sense, economics can be thought of as a specialized sub-field of anthropology.

if resources were in abundant there would have been no need to study economics why? what is production

Economics is described as the study of production, distribution, and consumption of goods an services, along with the transfer of wealth.

It is important to study economics so that you understand the market. You need to understand why you pay what you do for the things you value.

No, economics is the study of how people deal with the condition of scarcity with limited allocations of resources.

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