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The sun radiates ultra-violet and visible light.

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Can you have a sentence using the word radiate?

The sun will radiate.

How does the sun radiate heat?

As your teacher..............

Does the sun have a ecological footprint?

No. The sun is allowed to radiate as much as it likes.

Does the sun radiate visible and invisible energy?


How is solar wind related to the sun?

The wind comes from heat waves which radiate from the sun

Does Neptune radiate more energy than it receives from the Sun?

Yes, Neptune does radiate more energy than it recieves from the sun. Other planets that do the same thing are Jupiter and Saturn.

Does the sun radiate both visible energy and invisible energy?


A wide range of energy waves that radiate from the sun?

electricmagnetic waves

Which planets radiate more heat then they get from the sun?

All of the gas giants (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) radiate more heat than they receive.

Which planets radiate more energy into space than they receive from the sun?

All the giant planets radiate more energy into space than they receive from the sun except Uranus. Uranus has the most extreme seasons of any planet in the solar system.

What is a gas that is composed of molecules that absorb and radiate infrared radiation from the sun?

Carbon dioxide (CO2).

Why does the Sun radiate the Earth?

The Sun emits its radiations in all directions, not specifically towards Earth. Some of the radiation just happens to come in this direction.

How much longer do most scientists believe the Sun will radiate?

Roughly, another 4.5 billion years.

What are some sentences for radiate?

Her face seemed to radiate kindness. Spokes radiate from an axle.

How does the sun radiate energy?

The sun radiates energy through nuclear fusion. This causes helium atoms to be formed which then become excess energy that moves into space.

Why is there a 400 degree difference on the moon between shade and sun?

The energy of the sun heats the illuminated areas while the unilluminated areas radiate heat into space.

Two planets that are known to radiate more energy back to space than they receive from the sun are?

Jupiter and Saturn......... by R.E

At night what are the heavenly bodies you see in the sky?

They are stars that, like our Sun, radiate light. Then there are planets, like Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, etc, that reflects light shinning on them from our Sun.

Who studies black holes and the subatomic particles that radiate the sun?

Black holes are studied by astronomers and astrophysicists. Subatomic particles emitted by the Sun are studied by astrophysicists and particle physicists.

Can you use radiate in a sentence?

Does the pain in your elbow radiate to your hand(?)

Why doesn't Earth get hot enough to boil oceans and melt rocks from the radiant energy it absorbs from the Sun?

Rocks, soil, and water re-radiate all the energy they absorb from the Sun

In one hour how many kilowatt-hours kwh of energy does the Sun radiate?

stop cheating and do the math urself lazy.

Do planets radiate noise?

Yes planets do radiate noise. But not all of them do

What is a sentence with the word radiate in it?

An incandescent light will radiate at all frequencies.

What is a sentence using the word radiate?

Spokes radiate outward from the hub.