What does the surname Quintero mean?

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  1. Quintero is a Spanish surname originating in the Spanish region of Galicia. The name comes from quinto or quinta which means "fifth". It is possible that a "quintero" was a renter of quintas (also known as haciendas, the Spanish equivalent to a ranch).

What is the meaning of quintero?

"Quintero" is a Spanish word that refers to a farmer, farmhand orcommon laborer. In some regions, it is also used to describe aperson who works on someone else's land.

What does 'my surname' mean?

"Your surname" means your family name, sometimes designating the line of work that one ancestor was engaged in or some other such simple identifier as physical characteristics such as Short, Long, Wide, Round, and the like.

What does the surname Berry mean?

The surname Berry can be an Anglicized form of the Gaelic 'O Beara'. Or the Old English 'Byrig' meaning fortified manor house or stronghold. Swiss German suggest 'berro' or bear. It has some connections in France and possibly from a Latin word 'Boriacum'. It has travelled to America as 'Berrien'

What does surname Hargrove mean?

Striding boldly forth through history despite the withering mistsof time, the proud and noble English surname carries the mightyfamily motto of "My beloved country will conquer!". The formidableAnglo-saxon tribes who anciently ruled all of Britain bestowed thissurname upon persons living near a plac ( Full Answer )

What does the surname Porter mean?

Just copied this from a website: This interesting surname is of Old French origin, and has two possible sources; firstly, it may be an occupational name for the gatekeeper of a town, or a doorkeeper of a large house, deriving from the Middle English "porter", a development of the Old French "portie ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of the surname Gardner?

This is an old European name, origins in Germany in the 7th Century from the word 'Gard', meaning enclosure. It came to England with the Norman invasion of 1066 as the word 'Gardin' which refered to the head gardener of a noble house. Examples of the early surname are William de Gardinier, recorded ( Full Answer )

What does the surname Francis mean?

Francis is of Roman Latin origin, describing a 'Frank' or later known as a 'Frenchman'. In the 5th Century it translated as Free Man. In the 12th Century it was a popular surname with over 200 different spellings

What does the surname Cardona mean?

Cardona: habitational name for someone from a place in Barcelona province named Cardona. Its name dates from the pre-Roman period but the meaning is unknown

What does the surname Harris mean?

Harris is a pre 7th Century Frankish name consisting of the elements 'Henn - Ric' meaning home rule. It came to Britain in 1066. Over the next four centuries it became a popular surname

What does ben mean before a surname?

"Ben" means "son of" in Semitic languages like Hebrew and Arabic. It is used before a patronymic, not before a surname. A surname is a family name that is handed down from generation to generation. A patronymic is the name of the father, and changes with each generation. For example, if David the ( Full Answer )

What does the surname Salinas mean?

..of or relating to salt mines. Most likely, salt mine workers or people living in areas where salt mining occurred. Allegedly, Salinas is a Sephardic Jewish name from Spain. Salinas were Jews living in Spain who were forced to convert to Catholicism in the 1500s. A branch of the Salinas migrated to ( Full Answer )

What does the surname Hawksworth mean?

Anglo-Saxon origin, and is locational from two places so called, in the West Riding of Yorkshire and in Nottinghamshire. The placenames are derived from the Old English pre 7th Century personal name 'Hafoc', hawk, and the Old English 'worth', enclosure, settlement, and means 'Hafoc's settlement'

What is the meaning of the surname Brittenham?

The proud and noble English surname of Brittenham boldly risesforth from the times of the ancient Anglo-Saxons, who once ruledall of Britain. It was originally bestowed upon a person or personswho made ropes or cords. Earliest records are to be found atNorfolk.

What does the surname Madden mean?

The proud, noble, and fine Irish surname of Madden originally emerged in Gaelic, and is believed to be derived from that language's word for dog. The ancient records of County Galway reflect that the Maddens had held a family seat. Members of this family are known to have arrived in the Americas in ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of the surname Joel?

The proud and noble English surname of Joel rises from the timeswhen the mighty Anglo-Saxon tribes ruled all of Britain. As asurname, it means "son of Joel" (a masculine given, or baptismal,name), and is found amidst the ancient records of Wiltshire, wherethey had held a family seat.

What is the meaning of the surname McElhatton?

Boldly striding through the withering sands of time, the proud andnoble McElhatton surname rises victoriously from Scotland's westcoastal area of Argyllshire- on the Isle of Bute. Deriving fromit's Gaelic form (Mac Gille Chatain), the surname means "son of St.Catan's servant". St. Catan (or Cathan, ( Full Answer )

What does the surname Moyles mean?

Moyles are a breed of horse. There is no definite origin of them but they were called Dragon horses in China. Cleveland Bays were mixed to avoid serious inbreeding. They stand from 14.2- 15.3 hands tall, a hand being four inches!

What does the surname Hunter mean?

The surname Hunter derives from a description of an occupation. A hunter is someone who goes into the wild with bow and arrow or other tools to kill and capture animals such as deer, geese, etc., for food.

What does the surname Chase mean?

It either means the person is constantly being pursued, or the person is a member of a very prominent banking family.

What does the surname McCaig mean?

The proud and noble Irish surname of McCaig is first found inCounty Galway, where they held a family seat from ancient times. Family motto: "May I neither dread nor desire the last day!" -The Gaelic form for McCaig was Mac Taidh, or O Taidhg.

What does surname Collins mean?

This is the anglicised versin of the Gaelic O'Coileain and Mac Coleain meaning "descendant of Coileain. This peronal name meant 'whelp' or 'young dog' or 'ill-bred child or youth'". The name also occurs as Cullane or Cullen. It is frequently found in Co. Limerick. The motto for Collins is "If I can" ( Full Answer )

What does the surname Procter mean?

This interesting name is an English occupational surname for a steward, or proctor. The name is most commonly found in the north of England. The derivation is from the Middle English word "prok(e)tur", a contracted version of the Old French "procuraterour", from the latin "procurator", meaning "agen ( Full Answer )

What does the surname Emmett mean?

The rich and ancient history of the English surname Emmett beginswith the powerful Anglo-Saxon tribes who once ruled all of Britain.It is one of only several surnames that derive from a femininegiven name- in this case, Emma. It carries the meaning of the "sonof Emma". Some researchers say that this ( Full Answer )

What is meaning of surname Montgomery?

Heartily wielding the family motto of "Look well!" through theerosional mists of time, the proud and noble Scottish surname ofMontgomery is said to have arrived in Scotland from Normandy. Thevery earliest records reflect the surname's emergence inRenfrewshire, with roots going back to Normandy- but ( Full Answer )

What does the surname Wallace mean?

The proud and noble Scottish surname of "Wallace" is actually anabbreviation of "Wallensis", meaning "Welsh".

What does the surname Vincent mean?

Whether surname or personal name, the name Vincent , derives from Latin by way of Old French and means "conqueror" or "conquering."

What does the English surname Bradley mean?

The English surname Bradley is a place name from many places throughout England named Bradley. The name is from the Old English words brad meaning 'broad' and leah which means 'woodland clearing'.

What does the surname Baylis mean?

The proud and noble Welsh surname of Baylis derives from the OldFrench language word meaning bailiff. In Wales, this occupationwould have been an agent for the English lords of the marches.

What is the meaning of the surname Power?

The proud and noble Irish surname of Power originated as anickname-type surname for a pauper or a poor man. It is implicatedas voluntary vow of poverty, rather than as an involuntarydestitution. Earliest records of the surname are to be found inDevon, where they had held a family seat from very earl ( Full Answer )

What does the surname Russel mean?

While the proud and noble English surname of Russel is firstrecorded in Dorset, it washed upon England's glittering shoresamidst the veritable tidal wave of immigration following the NormanInvasion of 1066 A.D. The surname itself is in reference to theirprior place of residence in "Roussel", in Norm ( Full Answer )

What does the surname Grix mean?

The ancient Bretons of France originally bestowed the proud andnoble surname of Grix upon a person or persons with gray hair, as"gris" means "gray" in the Old French langauge. This family iswell-distinguished, having held a family seat at Mott in Brittany.

What does the surname WALSH mean?

The proud and noble Irish surname of Walsh is first found inCounties Leix, Waterford, and Kilkenny, where they held a familyseat from 1170 A.D. "Walsh" means "Welshman".

What does the surname Parnell mean?

Washed upon Britain's glittering shores amidst the veritable tidalwave of immigration following the Norman Invasion of 1066 A.D., theproud and noble English surname of Parnell is in reference to"Pernelle" in Normandy, their prior family home. Earliest recordsare to be found in Cheshire, where they h ( Full Answer )

What does the surname Lawrence mean?

Proudly bearing the mighty family motto of "Be ready!" through thegathering mists of time from Lancashire, where they held a familyseat from ancient times, the English surname of Lawrence derivesfrom the Latin-language name "Laurentius", meaning "man fromLaurentium", a famous Italian town renowned f ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of the surname Mendivil?

There are actually two meanings. One is the french origin which means "coming from a large manor". The other meaning is ironically "dweller on the mountain farm". In fact, the word Mendi, comes from the Basque language, which means 'Mountain'. The term Vil, or Ville means 'town, village, area' in ( Full Answer )

What does the surname Hay mean?

While records of the Scottish Hay family go back to 980 A.D., themeaning of the surname seems to have been lost to history.

What does the surname Smart mean?

Quick and active, not necessarily meaning your actually smart! Maybe yes some people are but quick and active is he general meaning of he surname 'smart' xxx

What does the surname Buckett mean?

Sorry, the actual meaning of the proud and noble English surname ofBuckett remains obscured by the whimsical mists of time.

Does the surname mean Stump when it is Stumph?

In a word, probably. Variations of the proud and noble Englishsurname of Stumph include, but are not limited to: Stump, Stumpe,Stomp, Stumpes, Stompes, and others. Medieval scribes enjoyedconsiderable latitude when recording family surnames. Stumph(Stumpe, actually) is first found in Sussex, where t ( Full Answer )

What does the surname Azure mean?

"Azure" means "blue" and may refer to the eye color of an ancestor, the color of a tavern sign of a tavern an ancestor operated, the color of a dye an ancestor manufactured, or some other aspect related to the color blue.

What does the surname Rocher mean?

Your search for the meaning behind the distinguished French surnameof Rocher must lead you to Limousin, where they held a family seat.

What does your last name mean Quintero?

From Wikipedia: Quintero is a Spanish surname originating in the Spanish region of Castile. The name comes from Quinto or Quinta which means "fifth". Quintero was a renter of Quintas (also known as Haciendas , Spanish for "Ranches"). The Quintero would rent one fifth of the land and would pay ( Full Answer )

What does mean surname?

If you're asking what a surname is, it is one's last same. For example, John Doe's surname would be Doe.