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What is the meaning of symbol TM?

In periodic table TM means "Thulium".

What is the chemical symbol for thulium?

The chemical symbol for Thulium is Tm.

What does TM stand for?

TM stands for Trade Mark. It is the registration of a particular mark or symbol exclusive to a particular business. The practice comes from the Middle Ages when guilds had guild marks identifying their workmanship to a people who could not read.

What does the domain TM stand for?


What does the TM stand for?

Tecnical Machine

What is the ticker symbol for Toyota Motors?

The stock symbol for Toyota Motors is TM.

What does the copyright symbol TM mean?

Trade Mark

What is Toyota's stock ticker symbol?

Toyota Motor (TM)

How do you put a TM sign?

In Word, Insert Symbol, then look for the TM symbol in the accompanying list of letters, numbers, and symbols. Some fonts do not have the TM symbol, so go to the top of the Symbols window and select a different font. Try the common fonts, like cambria, arial, and times new roman.

What does TM stand for in Pokemon?

it stands for technical machine

What does DNA stand for in anatomy?

Deoxyribonucleic acid.

What the the Evanescence symbol stand 4?

Evanescence has never stated what their symbol stand for.

What is the symbol for service mark?

U+2120 In Unicode or a superscripted TM

What element has 69 protons?

That would be Thulium, atomic symbol Tm.

What does the TM above the Google log stand for?

It stands for Trademark

Can you find the TM stone edge in Pokemon soul silver?

You can buy stone edge at the battle frontier TM stand.

What does Chemical symbol He stand for?

It is the symbol for Helium

How do you type or make the little TM over where you are typing like what is found after brand names?

Go to Format, Symbols, then find the TM symbol

What does anatomy stand for?

the structure of an plant or an animal,skeleton.

What does the symbol stand for?


What is the ticker symbol for Lexus?

Lexus is a division of Toyota Motors (TM: NYSE).

What does the Judaism symbol stand for?

Which Judaism symbol? There are many.

What does the Aries symbol stand for?

The Aries symbol is that of the Ram.

What do rainbow's symbol stand for?

It is the gay pride symbol

What is the symbol for Toyota Motor Corp Ltd Ord in the NYSE?

The symbol for Toyota Motor Corp Ltd Ord in the NYSE is: TM.

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