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The term is used to refer to someone who leads an outwardly Christian life, but does not acknowledge Christ as saviour.

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Q: What does the term 'small-c christian' mean?
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The meaning of term of values in Christian context?

Values mean morals and beliefs in the Christian context.

What does it mean to be born from above?

To believe that you were sent down from heaven to be born. It is a Christian term.

What does it mean to be born above?

To believe that you were sent down from heaven to be born. It is a Christian term.

What does the name sarantis mean?

It comes from the Greekk term σαράντα which means forty and refers to the forty Christian martyrs

What is the collective term for Jewish and Christian faiths?

AnswerThe Jewish and Christian faiths are collectively known by the term Judeo-Christian. An even more inclusive term, which also includes Islam, is Abrahamic.

What does 'Good morning friends in Christ' mean?

"Good morning, friends in Christ" is a term that is used in many Christian denominations.

What does choose the right mean in Mongolian?

It is partly Mongolian and partly a Christian term, used by The Church of Jesus of Latter-Day Saints to mean 'act righteously'.

What does verruyuschiye mean in English?


What does the term christian devotionals mean?

Christina devotional is the term used as a noun to mean a short worship service or more often a short reading or a short books of readings to help the reader direct his or her heart towards God.

What does the term 'minister' mean?

A minister is someone who is authorized to perform religious functions in Christian religions. The term minister is also used for high ranking diplomats who are just below an Ambassador.

What is the mathamatical term for mean?

The mathematical term for "mean" is "mean".The popular, or colloquial term for "mean" is "average".

Was Horus a Christian?

If you mean the Horus from ancient Egypt, no, he was not a Christian.

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