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The term is used to refer to someone who leads an outwardly Christian life, but does not acknowledge Christ as saviour.

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The meaning of term of values in Christian context?

Values mean morals and beliefs in the Christian context.

What is the collective term for Jewish and Christian faiths?

AnswerThe Jewish and Christian faiths are collectively known by the term Judeo-Christian. An even more inclusive term, which also includes Islam, is Abrahamic.

What does the name sarantis mean?

It comes from the Greekk term σαράντα which means forty and refers to the forty Christian martyrs

What does choose the right mean in Mongolian?

It is partly Mongolian and partly a Christian term, used by The Church of Jesus of Latter-Day Saints to mean 'act righteously'.

What is the mathamatical term for mean?

The mathematical term for "mean" is "mean".The popular, or colloquial term for "mean" is "average".

What does 'Good morning friends in Christ' mean?

"Good morning, friends in Christ" is a term that is used in many Christian denominations.

What does the term Holy Spirit mean?

The term "Holy Spirit" refers to the third part of the holy trinity of the Christian religion. It was the spirit that washed over the disciples of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion and brought them peace.

What was first religion Catholicism or Christianity?

The early Christian church was sometimes called the Catholic Church or universal church. A thousand years later the Orthodox Church split from the Catholic ChurchThe term "Catholic" applied to Christians in the first century. Catholicism and Christianity were often used interchangeably in the early church. Today the term Catholic and Christian mean the same thing to a Catholic Christian and different meanings for a non-Catholic Christian.

What does Christian (Non-Specific, Non-Catholic) mean Does Christian (Non-Specific, Non-Catholic) mean Spiritual or Spiritualist Does Christian (Non-Specific, Non-Catholic) mean Non-Denomination or does it mean another type of religion?

The Christion religion is spiritual and it isn't nondenominational

What does a christening mean to a Christian?

Baptism given with a Christian name.

Was Horus a Christian?

If you mean the Horus from ancient Egypt, no, he was not a Christian.

What does the term information mean?

what term information mean

What is a pseudo Christian?

There is no such thing as a pseudo Christian. You are either saved in Christ, or not. I assume that when people say "pseudo Christian" they mean those that go by the name of Christian, but have never believed in the Lord Jesus unto salvation from sin. There are many that take the name of Christian, but have no use for Christ. They are not truly Christian, in the original sense of the word, but will not understand if you tell them this, or will object to it. As a result, labels such as "pseudo Christian", "carnal Christian", etc have ensued. But really, these are examples of a contradiction in term.

If you belong to a Catholic church does that mean you are not a Christian?

Catholics are a branch of Christian. So you are christian if you are catholic.

What does the term mean manner mean?

the term manner means to have a mean manner.

What does the term company mean?

what does the term company mean in insurance

What does baba mean to a Christian?

Nothing at all, it is not part of the christian belief.

Is there any such thing as a christian Catholic?

Not sure what you mean, but a Catholic is a Christian.

Is Christian horner married?

No, Christian is not married, however he is engaged to his long term older partner Beverley Allen

What is the term that describes both the Jewish and Christian ancient customs and modern way of life?

Judeo-Christian tradition

What is the term for former eastern christian or orthodox churches?


What is the term for former Easter christian or orthodox churches?


What is another term for large or important christian church?


Why is the term beggar a good description of a christian?

I donÕt think begger is a good term to describe a Christian. Christians are people that follow the words and works of Jesus Christ. They are not beggers but believers.

What does term invaders mean?

term invaders mean i do not know hahahaahhaahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahah