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'Camel Toe' is a sexual reference, it is when a women's trousers, underwear, etc. is very tight, so tight that the outline of her private parts are visible. This is said to look like a camel's toe, hence the name.
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What is a camel-toe?

Brief Answer . Camel toe is a more sexual anatomy reference. It refers to the ability of being able to see the outline of the female's vulva through her undergarments or tight clothing, like those made of spandex. were someone has there trousers to high up and it goes up to the crack Slang for ( Full Answer )

How do you get camel toe?

By wearing material over your vulva that is relatively thin, and rather tightly pulled over the area. E.g. lycra pants, bikini bottoms that don't have an internal padded section, some track pants. if this is something you would like to do, try experimenting with various garments in the changing room ( Full Answer )

What is a camel toe?

Brief Answer . Camel toe is a more sexual anatomy reference. It refers to the ability of being able to see the outline of the female's vulva through her undergarments or tight clothing, like those made of spandex. Some might say it's a "vaginal wedgie" or "vedgie" according to street slang. Camel ( Full Answer )

What does camel-toe mean?

Camel Toe means when a Girl has tight pants and no panties her crotch will look like a camel's Toe .

How do you get a camel toe?

hike your pants up your vag and your good! You can also put on tight yoga pants those are the best ones.

What is a camel toe stomp?

\nwell i know a camel toe is a girls vagina and usually you can tell its a camel toe if you can see lines in the underwear (an imprint on the underwear of your pussy)

What is the medical term meaning fingers and toes?

Fingers and toes are digits, and they are individually identified by number their relative position, with one being the thumb or big toe, and five being the pinky or small toe. Oe instance, the ring finger of the left hand would be the left fourth digit of the hand. Though in most situations we woul ( Full Answer )

Why are camels mean?

Domesticated Camels are OK I use to live in Morocco but still you need to be careful. There are these other ones that will bite you, spit at you, kick you and be very careful if your anywhere behind one because you will get the biggest shock of your life when a projectile stool comes out and nails y ( Full Answer )

What is the medical term meaning toes?

Phalanges is the term for toe bones; toes may also be called digits or lower digits. Phalanges of the foot, also can be referred to as digits. . Hallux ("big toe" or "great toe"), the innermost (most proximal) toe and the closest to the toes of the other foot . Second toe or "long toe" (althoug ( Full Answer )

What is a camell toe?

it is when the female genitalia seems to be smuggled by tight pants that give a front wedgie to the female human.

Why does fat people have camel toes?

because the rain falls in an upwards, spinning motion, causing the earth to rotate around itself. This, in turn, causes grass to grow which causes camel toes.

How do girls get a camel toe?

This happens when a slutty girl wears too tight of pants that her vagina eats her pants.. you can see the split between her lips..

How do you get rid of a camel toe?

u cant ur stuck with it until u can get a life and stop asking these stupid questions dumba$$ u cant catch camel toe idiot

Why do girls get camel toes?

When a girls chonch has been beaten up and busted up hundreds of times it makes their vagina lips looser and flacid, and when they put on tight clothes it really shows. Normally happens more to older women.

What is camel toe on a girl?

When a woman wears tight pants, the pants will ride tight against her crotch. Because a woman has a vagina, the vaginal lips protrude against the pants. The crotch of the pants then form a u shape, similar to the shape of a camel's toe.

What is a camel toe when a woman is in a bikini?

this is where the womans bikini gets stuck inside her forming the shape of an actual camel toe, although it can happen with any underwear, not just bikini's :). Answer 2 : A "Camel Toe" is a colloquial term for tight clothing (of any type) that shows the Labia Majora of a womans sexual organs, wh ( Full Answer )

Are camels toes padded?

Camels do not have padding on there feet just large leathery patched to stop there feet from sinking as it produces a 'snow shoe' effect when spread out on the sand to prevent sinking.

Is 'camel toe' a good thing or a bad thing?

It is a bad thing.There is an operation you can have but its very rare. People under the age of 15 are likely to die during the operation. If you dont get the operation you will most likely die within 2 weeks. Answered by Dr. Silvey,head doctor.

Can a guy have camel toe?

yes guys can have a camel toe on the head of the penis. look it up on other websites. this website isn't good to look up serious answers because people are lame and like to mess around. so i wouldn't trust anyone on here. but yes guys can have a camel toe on the tip of the penis.

What is the medical term meaning big toe?

The name for the big toe is the hallux. Halux The Hallux Halux hallux The latin name (the one anatomists use) is the Hallux. Anything relating to includes the term hallucis in the name eg the flexor hallucis longus.

Does everyone have a camel toe?

A 'camel toe' refers to the outline of the labia majora of a human female. The visibility of one depends on how tight fitting her pants are. If you're instead asking if everyone has a vagina, then yes. Everyone has a vagina. EVERYONE.

What is a man's camel toe?

Well.. I understand that you are asking this question because it is a very debated topic. This is a hard question and not that many people can come out and talk about this highly debated issue. I think that the answer you are lookinng for is that the mans camel toe is located down there. and it look ( Full Answer )

In fashion what is a bear claw and how does it relate to a camel toe?

a bear claw (guessing this came from the fashion police ad with joan rivers) is when a guy wears tight pants that split his balls, making it look like a bears claw. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Actually a "bear claw", ( Full Answer )

What does camel-toe on a pretty woman mean?

Camel toe refers to a woman's vagina. Women who wear tight jeans or light weight pants that are so tight in the crouch it outlines her vagina and is visible to the person in front of her. Men are always looking at a woman's body from head to toe, usually on the sly, especially if he thinks she is pr ( Full Answer )

Can you get rid of a camel toe?

yes theres one way to get rid of camel toe.....dont let her pull her pants up to high cuz when she does she squeezes the lips and it makes a inprint on the pants

Is camel toe good?

The short answer is: Yes, so long as you are not on TV. You will be sure to please, and attract some guys, and hopefully most other women will not care, or notice.

What is camel toe like you have camel toe?

A camel toe is when your pants are too tight and the crotch part of your pants goes up your crotch... and separates the lips of your vagina.

What is the medical term meaning fifth toe?

Usually the medical term for the fifth toe is fifth toe. You could also call it the fifth digit of the foot, or the fifth pedal digit. The layman's term for the fifth toe is the pinky toe.

What is the slang term of a camel toe?

Camel toe is a slang term that refers to the outline of a human female's labia majora, as seen through tightly fitting clothes.

What is another term used for camel?

Camels are known as the ships of the desert because they move the front and back foot and leg of each side of their body in unison, giving their riders a distinct swaying motion. See the related Wikipedia link listed below for more information:

How many toes on a camels foot?

Camels have a have two toes on each of their feet. Camel are not true cloven-hooved animals as their hooves are reduced to nails on their toes.

What does the term tic-tac-toe mean?

Tic-tac-toe is a game in which two players take turns placing a circle or cross into a pound sign compartment. The first person to get three circles or crosses in a row wins the game.

Which celebrity camel toe is the most popular?

The most popular celebrity camel toe is Alicia Keys, followed by Beyonce, Britney Spears, Christina Milian, Coco, Fergie, Katy Perry, and Kendra Wilkinson.