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'Camel Toe' is a sexual reference, it is when a women's trousers, underwear, etc. is very tight, so tight that the outline of her private parts are visible. This is said to look like a camel's toe, hence the name.

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What is the slang term of a camel toe?

Camel toe is a slang term that refers to the outline of a human female's labia majora, as seen through tightly fitting clothes.

What does camel-toe mean?

Camel Toe means when a Girl has tight pants and no panties her crotch will look like a camel's Toe .

Does having a fat camel toe mean shes not a virgin anymore?

The term "Camel Toe" has nothing to do with the state of the hymen but more from the type of clothing worn, and a hairless labia majora which exposes the mons.

What is does it mean when a girl has a camel toe?

It means that inside her panties there is a hoof.

What is camel toe like you have camel toe?

A camel toe is when your pants are too tight and the crotch part of your pants goes up your crotch... and separates the lips of your vagina.

Is it a sin to see a camel-toe?


When was Camel Toe - album - created?

Camel Toe - album - was created in 2003.

I'd walk a mile for a camel?

camel toe

What is the name of camel body cover?

Camel Toe

What does a camel toe look like?

pretty much like a camel toe (or horse, anything with a hoof)

Does girls like camel toe?


What is typical data?

camel toe

What is a camel toe on?

depends on what your talking about.

What is a camel toe when a woman is in a bikini?

this is where the womans bikini gets stuck inside her forming the shape of an actual camel toe, although it can happen with any underwear, not just bikini's :) Answer 2:A "Camel Toe" is a colloquial term for tight clothing (of any type) that shows the Labia Majora of a womans sexual organs, which happen to resemble a Camel's split hoof (or toes).

Why is it important to be organized?

it will give you camel toe

Can you get rid of camel toe?

Just pick it!

How can you get a camel toe?

wear tight pants

What is another name for camel toe?

a donovan

What is a noun to describe mistletoe?

camel toe ;)

Where can you buy a camel toe cup?

They are available at

How do you get rid of camel toe?

Wear looser clothes?

What movie is this line from Holy Camel Toe?


What is a camel toe on a girl?

when a girl has a wedgie in her vagina!!

Why can you not get Camel toe?

Your pants aren't to high and not to tight

Why does a camel have a head?

i dont knw why does a camale have a toe?