What does the term in good standing mean?

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As applied to a member of an organization, it usually means that he or she has paid the necessary dues and conformed to the other requirements.

As applied to a corporation, that it has made all necessary periodic filings with the state authorities (e.g., secretary of state).

As applied to a licensed professional, that he or she has paid the necessary fees, and there are no suspensions or other restrictions on the practice.
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What does stand by mean?

stand by, ( on a computer ) means that they are working or improving the site. it will say please stand by. stand by on a phone or anything else, mean please wait, but in a more adult - like, and more formal. :)

What does the scienctific term Au stand for?

Au is the elemental term for Gold. It stands for the Latin word Aurum which means "shining dawn". In astronomical terms, an AU is the average distance between the Earth and the Sun or 93 million miles or 300 million kilometers.

What does au stand for in terms of distance?

Astronomical Unit - A unit of measure used in space. It is the mean distance from the Earth to the Sun. 93 million miles or about 150 million kilometers.

What does the term good customer service mean to you?

Good customer service mean the ability of a particular organization to have a good relation and good record with their customer. The ability to treat their customer in such a way that they would want to continue patronising them. So also to give them a product with good qualities.

What did Jesus mean when he termed the phrase house divided against itself can not stand'?

- More common terms... "A political party divided amongst itself can not stand." . "House" could be absolutely anything. It could be a person, a place, a thing (and, well, it is.) . If one a structure, person, or group's direction, or OPINION , is divided, it won't last. . +God is the sun. . He ( Full Answer )

In musical terms what does pp stand for and mean?

In music, the symbol " pp " stands for pianissimo. Pianissimo is known as a dynamic, or indication of the amount of sound that should be produced by the musician as they are playing a section of a piece (volume, loudness). Pianissimo directs the musician to play very softly or quietly. Other dynamic ( Full Answer )

What is the medical term meaning good cholesterol?

You know, the thing about SQL is, that there is virtually nontihg that can replace it.Does anyone know if a substitute exists for sql? I mean besides MS SQL and Oracle and all that jazz. Thanks.

What does the term DC in knitting stand for?

DC as written that way would only mean double crochet in crochet .. only thing I can think of it is a knit pattern and in the finishing they tell you to dc around meaning to double crochet around which does happen too or somewhere in the knit pattern they want you to double crochet .. last idea som ( Full Answer )

What does the term go green stand for?

go green means being friendly to the earth, such as planting a tree, or turning off the lights when your not in that room, and recycling. Your trying to help the earth, and the green part in go green is the leafs on the tree's, their green.

What does standing order mean in medical terms?

A standing order in medical terms is one that applies to all patients in a given group. For instance, there may be a standing order for any patient with symptoms of anaphylaxis to receive epinephrine.

What does Ap stand for in leagal terms?

Insufficient information to answer. Court "shorthand" and court " notes" and abbreviations are not standard within all court systems. Best course of action is to go to the Clerk of Court office and ask. They may be familiar with what it means in their court system.

What does it mean 'can man improve his standing before God by good works'?

No one can improve his standing before God through good works. God sent Jesus to die for our sins, because sin requires a payment. We aren't capable of paying for our offenses. Only Jesus who was perfect, holy and flawless could pay those sins for us. The shedding of his blood through His death on t ( Full Answer )

What does the army term stand two mean?

it's the hour in which the french and Indians attack, thusfore you are up on watch an hour before dawn and an hour after dusk. stand2.

What is the correct term for music stands?

It depends on the intended use. A stand designed to hold an instrument, such as a guitar, can technically be called a music stand. However, far more common is what is called a "sheet music stand". Just as the name implies, it is intended to hold the sheet music a musician plays from. Sheet music sta ( Full Answer )

What does g stands for in term of 2g?

G as an abbreviation can stand for "grams", the metric unit of weight. A paper clip weighs about 1 gram. Or, it can stand for the force of gravity on an object. Someone at any given time on Earth will feel a force of 1 g, while someone riding a roller coaster might experience 2 g or 3 g.

What does the term L stand for?

In Roman numerals L stands for fifty. You may have had a different context in mind, but if so, you need to state the context. Any symbol or letter can have a variety of meanings depending upon context.

What does EBCDIC stand for in computer terms?

A standard code that uses 8 bits to represent each of up to 256 alphanumeric characters. http://www.answers.com/topic/extended-binary-coded-decimal-interchange-code-1 .

What does vccsc stand for in legal terms?

This sounds like it may be an abbreviation, or some type of "jargon" or "court shorthand," that might appear as a notation on a case folder or "dispo" (disposition) sheet. These abbreviations are not standardized and vary greatly from police agency to police agency and/or court system to court sys ( Full Answer )

What does the term 'good stuff' mean?

'Good stuff' is usually used to replace a commonly known noun in a sentence, if you do not want to keep talking about it directly, or you want to personofy your sentence. 'Good stuff' can be anything from just 'goods' to 'loot', 'drugs' or 'lemonade' what ever the subject of the conversation is. ( Full Answer )

What does fila stand for in legal terms?

On the off-chance that the questioner actually meant FILIAL -- Filial is a term used to refer to a kind of genealogical relationship with another person. If that was not what they meant, there is no word such as "fila' except as the manufacturer of athletic footwear. If it is being used as an acro ( Full Answer )

What does the term RBI stand for?

RBI could stand for Run Batted In, a term used in Baseball, referring to point scored by a batter. It could also stand for Reserve Bank of India, a major bank in India.

What is the origin of the term in good standing?

The expression "good standing" has its origin in Old English andAnglo-Saxon of before 900 AD where it meant that a person waswell-regarded in his community. The later meanings for persons andcompanies like "conforming to requirements", "having paid his dues"have evolved over time from there.

What does pcr stand for in biology terms?

The term pcr in biology stands for polymerase chain reaction. It stands for a process that biologists use in DNA sequencing, allowing them to make DNA copies more efficiently.

What does aes stand for in terms of encryption?

AES stands for Advanced Encryption Standard. This standard was put in place by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and can be used to encrypt data for software, firmware, hardware or any combination thereof.

What does BOL stand for in health terms?

In health terms, the initials BOL stands for biology. It is used very much for education abbreviations when used in front of classes. It is used often.

What does the term jls stand for?

The term JLS may refer to the acronym for the British boy band Jack the Lad Swing who were the 5th runners up on the ever popular television show The X Factor.

What does the term pal stand for?

The term PAL stands for Police Athletic League. This league involves youths and police officers and there is generally a PAL in every major city in the US.

What does the term cebu stand for?

The term CEBU is an acronym. The acronym CEBU, which should not be confused with the city in the Philippines, generally stands for the following; it stands for "Change Everything But Us."

What does the term char stand for?

The term char can refer to an abbreviation for the word "character", but can also mean to burn an object's surface, turning it black. Char is also a freshwater fish.

What does the term pdx stand for?

PDX is commonly used to stand for Portland International Airport. It's usage comes from the fact that PDX is the airport's International Air Transport Association code.

What are some terms that LNS stands for?

Laboratory for neutron scattering is one. Logarithmic number system is another. Liberation news service, London Nautical School, Lincoln north star, and land navigation system.

What is 'Stand-to' mean?

In military terms it is to stand read for an attack, probably before dawn or after dark