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What does the term short throw mean for a manual transmission?

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It means that the distance the stick or gear shifter, that is the mechanisim that determines what gear your in, moves through the different positions in it's pattern, is short. Many feel that a shorter throw between gears feels sportier and ehances the feel and ability to control the mechanicals. It certainly can simply make it easier. Just consider the difference between say a truck driver changing gears using a long stick and typically having to move it several inches, even moving his body to do so for some positions, whereas a sports driver may only require wrist movements. Zoom, zoom, zoom!

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What does it mean if your manual transmission on a 1993 Saturn is stuck in second gear?

you could either have a bad syncranizer or the throw out bearing is up

Do they the Chevy Colorado with a manual transmission?

If you mean, do they make the Chevy Colorado with a manual transmission, the answer is yes; the standard transmission in a base Colorado is a 5-speed manual.

What does a whirring sound in a manual transmission mean?

needs grease in transmission

What does manual transmission mean?

Manual transmission is when you use the shift stick to shift to different gears in a car instead of driving without shifting gears,which is auto transmission.

What does mean by auto transmission engine?

I would assume it means a "short block" engine, as opposed to a "long block" engine used with manual transmissions.

What does at or mt mean refering to radiators?

Automatic or manual transmission.

What does manual in a car mean?

It could be the drivers manual, the book that is kept in the glove compartment or it could mean that the transmission is a manual standard shift or it could also mean the steering is not power steering but manual steering.

Is a Toyota Camry automatic?

Assuming you mean automatic transmission, yes.The 5-speed manual transmission that was offered in previous years is no longer available.

What does the word tranny mean?

It's short for "transmission"

Are Nissan 350z shift?

If you mean Stickshift, or Manual, then yes. You can buy the Nissan 350z in either manual or automatic transmission

What does MT AT mean when describing gas mileage on Scions cars?

MT stands for Manual Transmission and AT stands for Automatic Transmission.

Is the mustang gt standard?

If you mean a standard (manual) transmission, you have two options. You can get a 6-speed automatic transmission or a 6-speed manual transmission. I as myself would take the 6-speed manual because it has better fuel economy and it is faster from 0 to 60 and the quarter mile.

What is the standard transmission fluid type in a 2004 Jeep Rubicon?

If you mean for a manual transmission, it calls for Mopar manual transmission fluid but it is very expensive. You can use Mobil1 10w-30 extended mileage oil as a direct replacement. About $7.75 qt.

What Honda manual transmission can be swap to a automatic Honda h22 transmission?

i have no diea what you mean i need to know the series of the engine that's in the car and i can help you from there

What does automatic equipped model mean?

Most likely that it comes with an automatic transmission opposed to coming with a manual transmission and then having to pay extra for the automatic.

What does the yellow triangle light mean on a 1995 dodge Dakota sport?

That is an indicator to upshift with a manual transmission.

What does that burning smell mean coming from your 91 firebirds' manual transmission?

It's probably a slipping clutch.

Jeep Liberty Transmission warning light?

Did not receive a owners manual when I purchased my Jeep Liberty 2004. There is a warning light that looks like a transmission lighting up - what does it mean?

What are the component parts of transmission?

If you mean automatic transmission there are several different types with complex nature. But for a manual transmission the main components are: 1-Shafts 2-Clutch 3-Synchromesh 4-Gears (1,2,3,4,5,...,Reverse)

How fast can a manual car go?

If your talking Fred Flintstone or some sort of human powered vehicle, not very... If you mean manual transmission (clutch/stick shift) as opposed to automatic transmission, well over 200 miles per hour depending on the car.

Can you switch the automatic to a manual stick shift?

On some cars yes; but it is a lot (and I mean qute involved) of work; and generally assumed cheaper to just buy a manual transmission car. Search on google your specific car and manual transmission swap to see exactly what it would take; if it's even possible within reason.

Where is the gear oil dipstick on a 1986 Ford F150?

Assuming you mean a manual transmission, since you said gear oil, there is not a dipstick on manual transmissions. Look on the side of the transmission. There will be two large nuts to drain and fill. The bottom to drain, the top to fill. You should have your fluid level with the fill plug hole. BTW, I have an 86 F-150 4x4 5.0 EFI and the NP435 4-speed manual transmission.

What does the dash light circle with plus sign on 2007 Chevrolet Colorado mean?

If i am not mistaken, it is the shift indicator light on a manual transmission vehicle

What do the roman numerals I II III on the speedometer mean?

They are the reccomended shifting points for a manual transmission. When you reach 'I', shift out of first, to second, and so on.

Does it hurt the motor to drive with transmission fluid foamy?

it could mean many different thing Your transmission could be to hot or it more than likely has a leak in the transmission fluid lines leading to your radiator u depending on the make model and year your radiator has transmission fluid and coolant fluid going through it at all times that has nothing to do with your question I need to know what kind of transmission fluid you're running what kind of transmission you have manual or automatic European domestic there are many different aspects two transmissions but the automatic transmission is made with weaker components and the manual transmission is made with metal gears and is a little bit Stronger to Prevent HUMAN error thats why clutches go out way before The manual transmission so my answer is the relevant and less I know what kind of car you have and transmission style manual or automatic because it makes a big difference one has a clutch which is the manual transmission automatic has a torque converter which is tougher than a clutch Because automatic transmission Has more moving parts inside it than the Manual transmission so only human error could cause your motor to be damaged from your transmission your fluid does not mix with your or oil in your engine if it did it would blow upshould be safe you have it is automatic because it has transmission fluid that's made from detergents the manual transmission Uses brake fluid depending on the model of course it could Even use gear fluid more information required on your vehicle

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