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She eats them. If you eat teeth, you will grow wings and be 2 inches tall too! So always remember to eat your teeth!

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2010-10-27 22:25:24
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Q: What does the tooth fairy do with the teeth collected from under the pillow?
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What does tooth fairy do with teeth collected from under pillow?

Tooth fairy use our teeth for her or his collections that's why they call it tooth fairy It gives you money under your pillows!

What does the tooth fairy do with the collected teeth?

The tooth fairy turns your tooth into money :)

What The Heck Is The Tooth Fairy?

the tooth fairy is a fairy that comes to take your baby teeth from under your pillow when they fall out and replace it with money

Where do your teeth go after you put them under the pillow?

too the tooth fairy of course.

Where does the tooth fairy keep all her teeth?

The tooth fairy is not real ur mom takes it and hides it then puts a £1 under ur pillow

Is the mouse that gives you money under your pillow when your teeth fall out real?

It's not a mouse that puts the money under your pillow when you lose a tooth, it's the tooth fairy that does it.

What does the tooth fairy do with your tooth after she takes your tooth from under your pillow?

To her tooth castle and then she gives them to her servents and her servents give them to the place called "Dragons who have no teeth are not scary"

Does the tooth fairy give out pets?

No, the tooth fairy gets your tooth and puts money under your pillow.

Why do chilrine put teeth under there pillow when loose one?

They believe that the tooth fairy will take it and give them money.

What time does the tooth fairy come when you're asleep?

That depends on how many teeth have to be collected that night. Whatever you do, though, don't sleep with your head under the pillow, or you may wake up with no teeth and a mouth full of money! (Just kidding.)

Who leaves money under your pillow?

The tooth fairy leaves money under your pillow in exchange for your tooth.

What do you do with a tooth you just pulled out?

Put it under your pillow for the tooth fairy!

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