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Q: What does the train ticket stubs represent in the book Catcher in the Rye?
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How you get a ticket for train?

Getting a train ticket is you can get it from a travel agent , or you can get it from a ticket counter at the railway station

Xerox copy of train ticket is valid in the train?

yes ofcourse if it is e-ticket. but if it is ticket from counter then "NO".

Where can you find train ticket prices?

guwahati to jalandhar train ticket price

How much is a train ticket from Georgia to Texas?

How much is a train ticket from Georgia to Texes

How much did a train ticket cost in 1876?

The average cost for a train ticket was $4.

How much train ticket from Jacksonville to atlanta?

how much is a train ticket from jacksonville to atlanta

How much was a train ticket in the 1960'S?

how much did a train ticket cost in 1960

How do you say 'how much is the train ticket' in French?

"How much is the train ticket?" is "Combien coûte le billet de train ?"The word "ticket" is also common in French.vous vous appelez

Where is the place to get a ticket for a train in Italy?

Train tickets for Italy can be purchased at local train stations at the ticket booth. They can also be purchased online by going to your local train stations website, selecting your route and buying a ticket.

What is cnf in reservation of train ticket?

Ticket has been confirmed.

Sample copy of train ticket?

A train ticket looks much like a plane ticket. It has the price of the ticket, as well as the departure and arrival times. The ticket will also include departure and arrival stations.

Where can one buy a train ticket in Italy?

It is possible to by a train ticket in Italy at the train station. You can either use one of the manned desks or purchase from a self service machine. You could also buy your train ticket online at Trenitalia.

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