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What does the venus fly trap eat?

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Technically they don't eat anything. They trap and digest prey. The "teeth" on the edge of the trap are to trap small insects not for biting.

As the name suggests Venus Flytraps trap and digestfly'sas well as host of other small insects: moths, butterflies, ants,cockroachesetc. (and sometimes small mammals). They don't have a preference for food and will simply catch and digest anything that sets of their trap.

Once the leaves close together, digestive enzymes are released by glads on the leaf, these digest the soft tissue of the insect (or prey) which can then beabsorbedback into the plant (through the leaf). Theindigestibleparts such as hairs and exoskeleton are left behind.

Other "insect eating" plants include Sundews which use sticky traps to catch insects and Pitcher plants which have a bowl-like trap with smooth sides in which insects get trapped and digested.

Most "insect eating" plants function like traditional plants and have chlorophyll and canphotosynthesis, their soils in which they grow normally lack Nitrogen, which is why they have to trap insects (as a source of this nutrient).

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Can you eat a Venus fly trap?

No. Venus Flytraps are dangerous to eat by any human.

What are the physical characteristics of a venus fly trap?

The venus fly trap use it's mouth to catch and eat the flies around it.

What flower eat Insects?

Venus fly trap

Name 5 things a Venus fly trap might eat?

A venus fly trap will eat: Ants Flies Spiders Mosquitos Maggots Caterpillars Beetles

How long does it take for a Venus fly trap to eat an ant?

It takes a few days (2) for a Venus Fly Trap to digest its food.

Food chain for Venus fly trap?

fly, venus fly trap

Can you lose a hand to a Venus fly trap?

NO! Venus fly traps are too small to eat your hand!

Is a Venus fly trap a invertebrate or vertebrate?

A Venus Fly Trap is NOT an invertebrate. A Venus Fly Trap is NOT a vertebrate. It is neither of these, it is a plant.

Where does the Venus fly trap?

The Venus fly trap catches its food where it does

Where do you buy a Venus fly trap?

at a venus fly trap shop

Can a venus fly trap eat ladybirds?

Yes because the Venus fly trap works with a trap that when something touches it, it closes so if a lady bird was to go in there then it would close. And considering a Venus fly trap has no scent then there is no reason why a lady bird wouldn't land and get trapped by a Venus fly trap. ANSWERED BY OLIVER QUINN

Can a human be eaten by a Venus fly trap?

No. A Venus Fly Trap is quite small, able to trap insects. Only in the movies are carnivorous plants able to eat people.

How does a venus fly trap eat?

it usses trigger hairs

What is the biggest thing a venus fly trap can eat?


Names of plants that eat animals?

A venus fly trap

What plants can eat living things?

venus fly trap

Can plants eat living things?

Venus fly trap

Do some plants eat bugs?

A venus fly trap

What are things a venus fly trap might eat?

They eat many insects

What type of plant does the venus fly trap have?

A venus fly trap is a plant.

Did venus fly trap eat any insects?

Venus fly traps do eat insects and sometimes the bigger ones even eat small birds.

What does thte venus fly trap do for people and the rainforest?

a venus fly trap eats them all up some times it only eats the skin and does not eat the bones

What is the symbiotic relationship between a Venus fly trap and insects?

ehh example a fly. The fly is not benifiting of the relationship with the venus fly trap. because the fly is the host she is being eating by the venus fly trap.but the venus fly trap is benifiting.

Name 5 things a venus fly trap will eat?

Venus fly traps eat Flys, ants, moths, beetles, grasshoppers, and worms

Do plants eat meat?

Some do - the Venus Fly Trap is an example.