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prestar meens to provide in English

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What does the verb prestar mean in spanish?

In the case of "prestar dinero" (or some material object) it will be "lend", If its "prestar atencion" it is "pay attention"

What is the English translation of prestamos peronales?

The term prestamos peronales is a Spanish phrase. Its English translation is personal loans. The verb prestar means to lend or loan and the adjective personales means person or individual.

What does this mean in English perdi mi numero de telefono you puedes prestar el tuyo?

'I (have) lost my telephone number. Can you lend me yours?'

What does marcher mean in English?

The verb "marcher" mean "to walk"

What does HAB mean in English?

Hab is the verb to have.

What does traduciendo mean in English?

translating. It´s the gerundio verb tense, (¨ing¨ in english) traducir is the infinitive verb

What peudo prestar un lapiz means in spanish?

You meant:PUEDO PRESTAR UN LÁPIZ --- I can lend a pencil

What actors and actresses appeared in PreStar - 2004?

The cast of PreStar - 2004 includes: Asami Imai as herself

What does the Greek verb believes mean?

believes is a verb in English and is not related to Greek language

What does the verb habiter mean in English?

Habiter means to live (in), to dwell in English.

What does fumar mean in English?

Verb meaning "to smoke"

What is the Portuguese 'presto' in English?

I render or I'm helpful may be English equivalents of 'presto', which is the present indicative of the infinitive 'prestar' in the first person singular.

What does llueve mean in english?

"Llueve" is the verb "to rain" in Spanish.

What does tane mean in English?

(verb) husband, male, man.

What nevar mean in English?

"Nevar" is the Spanish verb for "to snow".

What does participar mean in English?

It is the Spanish verb meaning "to participate".

What does is Mettez mean in English?

A variation of the verb "to put/place."

What does je vous tous mean in English?

"je vous [verb] tous" means "I [verb] you all"

What does the French attendez mean in English?

Attendez (frome the verb attendre) means "wait" in English.

What does the french word souligne mean in English?

the French verb 'souligner' means 'to underline' in English.

What does 'eliminate' mean in Latin?

The Latin equivalent of the English verb 'eliminate' is eliminare. The verb in English literally means 'to get rid of'. The verb in Latin literally means 'to carry out of doors'.

What is does saunoa mean in English?

Verb saunoa # (intransitive) To bath in a sauna

What does tenes mean in English?

From the verb tener (to have), tenes means "you got" (you had).

What does llegar mean?

In spanish to english, the verb llegar means 'to arrive.'

What does Claudere mean in English?

Claudere is a Latin verb meaning "to close".

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