What does the warning light exclamation symbol mean on the dashboard of your 2005 Solara?

The exclamation point means that your tires have a low air pressure. You may want to check it out and see which tire may need some air.

Check your owner's manual for dashboard symbols. Some of them are more important than others.

The exclamation point between parenthesis (!) is supposed to represent a tire icon. As the original answer indicated, it means one (or more) of your tires is low on pressure. Consult the owners manual or driver's side door sticker for proper pressures then reset the pressure sensing system.

To reset, hold down the button (lower left side of dash) until the (!) light flashes several times. You then have to drive several miles before the sensor calibrates itself again. If the light comes back on in a very short time, you didn't hold the button long enough. Wait for the light to stop flashing. If the light comes on again in a day or a few days, you have a slow leak in one tire. Have it repaired.